Tips for the Waxing and Full Moon

Moon phases and highlighted symbols 

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Top Symbols

nourishing beauty treatment

Nourishing Face Masks

The Waxing Moon is the ideal time to look after your skin and add extra moisture, oils and serums. Here is an article about Biodynamic Skincare. 

Pruning trees and evergreens

Cooking and Baking

The time before Christmas conveniently falls during the Waxing Moon phase. Even if you don’t celebrate it, it is a great time to prepare some comfort food. Here are some recipes for Christmas cookies 

social events and weddings

Organize Parties and social events

Now is a great time to bring people together and organize parties and events. Here are some ideas 

Garden and Interior Design

Decorate your home with pot purri, scented candles and incense.

Get out the fairy lights, scented candles and create a warm and homely atmosphere in your home. Here are some tips on how to create your own scented candles. 

Step up your exercise regime

Expand your horizon and travel

Now is a great time to travel and if you can’t seek out a new experience. Book to see a play, go to a new restaurant, learn something new or try a new class. Here are some ideas

Ideas and brainstorming

Brainstorm new ideas

Over the holidays get creative and come up with new ideas about how you would like to live, work and write down any bright ideas that come to mind. Keep them in a book and draw upon them later on. Life is a brainstorm 

holistic healthcare 3.0

Because every day matters

The moon cycle follows an ever-repeating pattern of 2 weeks waxing and 2 weeks waning with the cornerstones the New and the Full Moon.

Aligning yourself with this natural rhythm of breathing in and breathing out, helps you to organize your life and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, the symbols will guide you further as to what are the best activities.

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