Moon phases and highlighted symbols 

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Top Symbols

finding creative solutions and problem solving

Create new ways to live your life

When you fill in your LWTM Goal Planner for the year ahead, ask yourself these 4 questions? What have I achieved in 2023? What was working and I want to continue? What new project do I want to start? And most importantly – what was not working and I need to stop in 2024? Put firm boundaries in place and stick to them. 

Pruning trees and evergreens

Clean out sheds, balcony and outbuidings

The garden lies now dormant, this is an ideal time to tidy up the shed and update gardening equipment before the new gardening season starts. 

Detoxifying Treatments

Enjoy a detox bath

January is traditionally the time to lose weight. I rather recommend March onwards, but there is no harm in taking a nice detox bath, especially when it is cold and horrid outside. Here are some inspirations and recipes. 

female fertility

Put a pelvic floor excercise program in place

This by the way applies to men as well as women as a weak pelvic floor can lead to incontinence and later in life to care. These exercise programs should be started in your 40ies, well before old age, and keep those muscles fully working. Once you know your exercises, you can do them (almost) anywhere, when you drive, work, on the bus. 

meditation and affirmation


Similar to the pelvic floor program, set aside a few minutes daily for some form of meditation, even if you close your eyes and listen to some music without your thoughts wandering off. It has real health benefits. 

holistic life goal planner

LWTM Goal Planner

What would the New Moon be without moving your life forward by filling in the goals for the next cycle?
       Download it below. 

holistic healthcare 3.0

Because every day matters

The moon cycle follows an ever-repeating pattern of 2 weeks waxing and 2 weeks waning with the cornerstones the New and the Full Moon.

Aligning yourself with this natural rhythm of breathing in and breathing out, helps you to organize your life and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, the symbols will guide you further as to what are the best activities.

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