The LWTM Holistic Lifestyle Calendar

This calendar is based on the Ancient Lunisolar Calendar, already used by the Sumerians and Babylonians over 3000 years ago. Below you find our modern adaptation – the LWTM Holistic LifeStyle Calendar. It is best to bookmark this page for easy repeat access as it changes on an almost daily basis. Find out more about the moon phases, the elements and associated activities by clicking on each symbol description. Please also read How to use the LWTM LifeStyle Calendar (you find this section below the calendar).

For additional resources please visit The Month Ahead and download our Freebies, (E-book Living With The Moon and a free Holistic Lifegoal Planner) 

Events for 27 May
Events for 28 May
Events for 29 May
Events for 30 May
Events for 31 May
Events for 1 June
Events for 2 June
Events for 3 June
Events for 4 June
Events for 5 June
Events for 6 June
Events for 7 June
Events for 8 June
Events for 9 June
Events for 10 June
Events for 11 June
Events for 12 June