This month we will look into the benefits of yellow crystals which are connected to the The Chakras - illustration courtesey of chakra.
A few years ago I was lacking in energy and my mother gave me a ‘sunstone’ in the shape of a heart and I have used it ever since. When I feel a bit run down I leave the stone in full sun shine (for a day or 2) and when it is fully charged I add the stone to a glass of water and drink this water. It may just be psychological, but I definitely feel more energetic and fully ‘charged’ again.

As you can see from the image to the right, the solar chakra is located in the centre of the stomach and solar plexus. It is connected with intuition (also gut feeling), the summery of experience, your potential, self-confidence and intellectual power.

When the solar chakra is in balance people learn from their mistakes, are humble and ready for new opportunities. They have a sharp intellect and are good decision makers. These people are ’emotional rocks’ for their environment and are relied uponfor advise and insights.

However when the solar chakra is unbalanced, we feel indecisive, restless, show compulsive behaviours, obsessions which people, objects, success and else which compensates for ‘real happiness’.

The organs affected by the solar chakra are digestion, liver, spleen, gall bladder, stomach, metabolism and the nervous system. An unbalanced solar chakra can lead to problems in these areas. It is also connected to  ‘yo-yo dieting’ and lack of weight loss due to nervous dispositions also known as ‘stress eating’.

Here are some of the crystals to wear or add to drinking water:

Heliodor:  Its name comes from the Ancient Greeks and translates as ‘gift from the sun’ as it can transfer ‘sun energy’ into us giving us a boost. Drinking water energised by a ‘sun stone’ is particularly useful in the dark winter months. Commonly known as ‘sunstone’ is a great balancer for all those who juggle 110 things at the same time. This yellow crystal is therefore a good stone for the ‘self-employed’ and people with varied work patterns as it helps with emotional stability and happiness.

Chrysoberyl:  This yellow-bronish opaque stone is made from aluminium oxide containing beryllium. When polished it looks like a golden ‘cat’s eye’ and was often used as talisman against accidents and anything to do with travel. This would make a good stone for anybody who travels a lot, from taxi drivers, pilots to frequent business travellers. They are seen as bringer of prosperity as wearing a chrysoberyl stone helps with clarity and focus.

On a physical level it helps with exhaustion due to too much work and anything to do with food allergies or poisoning or any eating disorders.

Yellow Spinel stone: This makes a beautiful jewellery stone as when cut it resembles a yellow diamond. It is a natural anti-depressant and a bringer of happiness which would make a great present for any ‘workaholic’ or over competitive person. It calms the nerves and brings optimism and happiness.

Lemon Quartz:  This relatively common stone contains silicon dioxide and the yellow ‘lemon’ colour is caused by iron. These yellow crystals helps with bladder, kidney complaints and diabetes. It will also speed up your metabolism and helps with weight loss and any kind of craving. So ideal for anybody who needs to stop smoking, loose weight, etc.
It also calms the nerves and is the best talisman for interviews, tests and public speakers. I think this a very useful stone to have in your personal purse or handbag.

In the next issue we will out for crystals that boost the heart chakra.