The Chakras - illustration courtesey of month we will look into the benefits of orange crystals connected to the sacral chakra. These are usually brownish and orange in colour. In contrast to the root chakra which was connected to energy, sexuality, fertility the sacral chakra is all about emotion, feelings and creativity.

People who have a stifled sacral chakra may feel isolated, disillusioned, unfulfilled and compensate this lack of emotions with a controlling behaviour. Of course just wearing a few stones will not do the trick to overcome these feelings, but they can help us ‘open our eyes’, recognise opportunities, not just only to change our emotions,  but also to see the world in a different light and discover a new paths in life that may have not been visible to us before. The problem is that people who would need this quality the most are often the fiercest critics of anything to do with ‘openness to new ideas and therapies’. So it is quite a challenge to change the mindset of these people.  The first step here is to acknowledge the status quo and being prepared to open up and accept new concepts. Not everything will work, but any activity that stimulates  the right side of the brain, connected to emotions, creativity and felling will help. This could include meditation, hypnosis and any kind analysis, therapy, music, art, self-help etc. will all help. Certain Crystals can add additional strength to help open this chakra. If you know someone who may need this help, but is at first not open to it, you could simply start by buying them a ring or stone on a chain with the crystals mentioned below. Just being around them will over time have a little impact, even if it is not as effective as tackling the problem head on.

Crystals can also help for short term problems  such as writer’s block or in times of particular emotional turmoil.

Here are some of the crystals to wear or add to drinking water:

Orange calcite: This stone is widely available and apart from symptoms described above, its physical benefits are to strengthen the kidney/bladder area. From bedwetting in children to incontinence in later life. It can also help eleviate IBS and gives a boost when emotionally and physically depleted, like after a stressful situation or physical demanding time. It is also called ‘ the stone of happiness as its energy instills joy’

Peach Aventurine: As the name says this stone is peachy to glowing orange in colour and similar to the calcite as it is a stone that gives joy and is advisable for someone who is constantly worried, suffers from compulsive behaviour or eating disorders and anxieties. On the physical front it helps with persistent urine infections, reproductive problems and skin problems.

Hessonite Garnet: Orange to dark brown to orange. It is also called the cinnamon stone and relatively rare, therefore a bit pricier than the ones mentioned above. It helps with balancing the hormone system, improves fertility and has its most prolific use to help with arthritis and rheumatism. It is also good for people who feel lonely, unable to cope with life. It is mainly found in Sri Lanka, but also already in use in Ancient Greece and Rome, mainly as an amulet stone to attract health and joy. It is also said to inspire artistic output, so a great one for any budding artist.


On the other hand some people suffer the opposite – an overactive sacral chakra. The tell-tale signs are  depression and bi-polar behaviour. These people often are very needy of constant reassurance and strength from others. They may suffer from low self esteem or find it hard to accept criticism. They need extra strength in the emotional field and the suitable crystals that give this strength and help to balance this chakra are:

Orange carnelian: orange-pinkish in colour with hues of brown. This common stone helps with female fertility, especially ivf, menstrual problems and the menopause. It is a very female orientated stone. Added to the drinking water it gives you strength after an operation or after a long illness and can help people to overcome trauma and anxiety attacks.

Snowflake obsidian: In contrast to the other stones, it is not orange but black with small whitish (snowflake like) pattern. It is commonly available and good for cell tissues, eyesight, sinus problems and the procession of fat, so a good aide during a diet. It helps people to accept who they are and gives strength in times of big decisions. Before going to sleep place a stone on your belly (sacral chakra) and meditate for about 10 minutes, letting go of worries and think of something that makes you truly happy and at ease. Repeat this daily for a few weeks.

Orange Selenite: This stone is similar to the orange carnelian as it assists with fertility, womens’ problems and weak bladder. It is very useful for people who struggle with their self image and food disorders. But can also used in more benign ways when children are afraid of the dark or just to produce a friendly, productive atmosphere, I guess that should be most spaces.

Peachy Moonstone: This pretty stone comes in various hues, but the orange/peach moonstone is the best for the sacral chakra. Advisable for anyone who feels helpless with weight problems and self esteem issues. It is a good present for an insecure teenager to help find his/her place in the world.

In the next issue we look crystals that boost the solar plexus chakra.