This month we will look into the benefits of green crystals which are connected to the The Chakras - illustration courtesey of chakra, located in the chest area. This area is all about compassion, healing, giving, inner harmony and environmental awareness.

When the heart chakra is in balance people can easily give and receive love. They  are open to other’s feelings and empathise with them, what is also better know as possessing emotional intelligence. They appreciate themselves in an act of self-love, which is all about a solid but humble act of quiet confidence, not being egotistical and cocky.

However when the heart chakra is unbalanced this can easily turn to vanity, over-emotional outbursts and a self-centred ‘ me, me, me first attitude’. Other factors are being over-sentimental, possessiveness (we think we do good, but don’t look what is best for the other person and in the end it is all about us again), panic attacks and finally jelousy and envy. Have you ever heard the phrase – green with envy – well then the heart chakra is definitely not in balance.

Physical effects are pain or tension in upper back area, anything to do with the chest, circulatory issues such as block arteries, varicos veins, high and low blood pressure. Lymph glands also fall into this chakra.

Green Crystals and their benefits: 

The Emerald is probably the first green stone that springs to mind.

In Ancient Egypt these crystals symbolised eternal life. Cleopatra herself wore a lot of emeralds and it is best worn out of sight, in a pocket close to your heart. In this way the emerald revives passion and rekindles lost love.

The Emerald gemstone: is a popular stone for older women, a symbol of eternal beauty, inner strength and love.

The Eilat Stone: This is the national stone of Israel and closely associated with King Solomon. He was famous for his rulings and communication skills. This stone reflects this skill and is an ideal present for someone who practises law or is in a position of power and communication such as a head teacher,  politician or public speaker. Ideally the eilat stone should be worn around the neck or in a pouch close to the heart, but it is also suitable as a ring. It boosts confidence and authority. On a physical side it helps with sinus and mouth infections, fevers and arthritis.

Jade: There are different types of Jade, but all are suitable for the heart chakra.

The Bowenite Jade is a bright, fresh mid-green stone. At the Imperial Russian court this stone served as a symbol of beauty and tough love. It is also a practical stone as it helps with commercial enterprises and boosts confidence. It is a very  useful to keep it on a work desk.

Imperial Jade is a rare and expensive jade and a favourite stone of Chinese emperors. Again it is seen as a symbol of immortality, health and authority. Young adults are encouraged to wear a Jade stone to help them find their right partner in life.

Olive Jade if your budget does not stretch to the Imperial Jade this stone is much more affordable. It is a great help in troubled times such as going through a divorce or other emotional turmoil. It gives strength. Also very useful crystal for people who suffer from panic attacks and phobias. Traditionally olive jade was given to the other party as a peace offering and to warrant a permanent reconciliation.

The physical benefits of Jade are help with kidney and bladder problems, weak immune system, blood sugar and diabetes, memory loss in old age.

Malachite:  This bright green stone is rather common and very helpful for everybody who is in emotional distress and suffers from depression. In the Middle Ages the affected person had to hold this stone and speak of their fears and sorrows. Then they had to leave the stone outside during next to the porch where during the night all their fears were being ‘blown away with the wind’. I suggest you wear it in combination with deep breathing excercises and and a good dose of positive thinking.