Completing tasks – Productivity Days

Completing tasks – Productivity Days

During the Waxing Moon, we come up with creative concepts and ideas. But all these ideas will just remain doodles on pieces of paper if we don’t take decisive actions. This is where this symbol comes in.

The Waning Moon, in general, is time to ‘get on with it’. But let’s make these days even more productive! Take off your ‘creative hat’ and go in minute details through the fine print, put dreams into actions. Even if you just complete a few baby steps, you should go one step further to completing a project. Eventually, your ideas will become manifestations others can also see, use, and enjoy.

Many people dread these “Productivity Days’ and put them off. As creating is seen as more fun and turning dreams into reality is hard work. But let’s change this attitude right now.  Let’s embrace them and use them to the fullest! A can-do/want-to attitude makes just all the difference! And give these days the rightful place in the jigsaw puzzle of your life. 


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