The benefits of indigo and purple  crystals

The benefits of indigo and purple crystals

This post is all about the benefits of indigo and purple crystals. They are connected to the Brow or Third Eye Chakra. Indigo, a mixture of purple and blue is a deeply spiritual colour.

This chakra is all about imagination, creativity, healing powers, and vision. It is the domain of healers and spiritual leaders, but also that of artists and social visionaries.

The physical aspect of this chakra deals with headaches, migraines, phobias, sinusitis, hyperactive lifestyle, and insomnia. It is connected to the ears (all hearing, music and sound in general), sight (painters, photographers and anybody working the visual medium), and the sinuses.

When this chakra is in balance the person is able to grasp the bigger picture and has a highly evolved intuition. People with a strong brow chakra are visionary creatives, often far ahead of their time. Or they may be highly spiritual people and motivational speakers.  Others seek them out for good advice.

When this chakra is not in balance, people find it hard to accept reality and dream their life away. They somehow do not fit into the wider society and are often unable to cope with all the pressures of modern life. In this case, a  life in a natural environment with less stress would be the most suitable option. A busy city life that overstimulates these already strained senses could lead to overwhelming experiences and in severe cases even nervous breakdown.  An ideal job here would be conservation work,  working with animals or the land.

Sometimes the boundary can be quite fluid and it is not uncommon that people swing between the two sides, a so-called bi-polar disposition.  They produce exceptional, highly inspirational work followed by a spell of a total block and void.  Sometimes this could simply mean that the brain is compensating for the previous overstimulation and asks for a period of rest. But prolonged ‘creative droughts’ can be problematic.

Sadly ‘this down phase is driving many creative minds into drug abuse and depression, chasing these elusive creative highs. But over time this is a downward cycle. If you experience this, please stay clear of any kind of artificial drugs and accept ‘this draught’ as a short spell of convalescence.  The best thing you can do is to really ‘unwind’ your mind with music, meditation, and prolonged immersion into nature (walks, gardening, swimming). These will give help you gather strength and soon enough new inspirations will come your way.

This chakra is also connected with burn-out.  The same advice as above applies. React early and take short breaks to rebuild extra energy rather than soldier on until a mental breakdown occurs.

Here are the crystals associated with this chakra:

Amethyst: This purple-tinged crystal takes its name from ‘amethystos’ which in Ancient Greek meant ‘ not intoxicated’. It is a stone of strength and helps people to beat an addiction. It is further helpful for all suffering from migraines and insomnia. People were instructed to hold this crystal under running water and then rub it against the forehead in an anti-clockwise motion to take away the stress and guard against headaches. The same method helps children to sleep, especially if they are afraid of the dark and calm them down during nightmares.

Purple Spinel: This dark purple stone is made of magnesium aluminum oxide. This stone is an all-body healer, inspires confidence and protects you from ill-wishers and jealousy. Wear it as a piece of jewelry to keep your overall health. It used to be given to people suffering from epilepsy and circulatory problems, particularly in the lower body half.

Lapis Lazuli: One of the first crystals worn as jewelry.  Egyptian Pharaohs particularly liked this stone and it symbolized eternal life, friendship, career progression and promotion.

Sodalite: this deep indigo stone is very helpful for aging women who suffer from symptoms related to the menopause. It stabilizes manic depressions, regulates high blood pressure and helps with insomnia and night sweats. Put a sodalite crystal near your bed or under the pillow to help with sleep deprivation.

Lilac Kunzite: very similar to the sodalite above and useful if you have any gynecological procedures such as hysterectomy or reduced libido.

Violan: This beautiful stone is stress-reducing and ideal for the modern world. It gives strength and provides harmony in the home. Hold it in your hand whilst do a 5 minute a-day meditation to unburden your mind and make you cope more with endless daily demands. Place it near your computer to be inspired and shield against radiation.

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