Pruning trees and evergreen shrubs

Pruning trees and evergreen shrubs

Today is a great day for pruning bigger garden features such as bushes, trees, conifers, and all tall, evergreen shrubs. Fire Days during the Waning Moon are ideal for pruning fruit trees. 

In fact, the whole Waning Moon phase is good for pruning trees, climbers, and evergreens. Read more about how to prune deciduous trees and shrubs 

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Pruning trees and evergreen shrubs

Pruning trees and evergreens

Today is a particularly good day for pruning fruit trees and bushes as they will produce a good harvest in the following year. 

All trees and bushes benefit from a seasonal trim, especially when the fruit has ripened and fallen.  But refer to a good gardening book when is the right season for the fruit bush/tree in question and choose this day to do it. 


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