Actioning your target plan

Actioning your target plan

The main purpose of LWTM is to create small, actionable steps and achieve them. Apart from the LWTM Goal Planner, the below-mentioned system is another aid to make life more effortless. Walking in step with nature’s rhythm, and been given the freedom to create, plan, and act accordingly has been a real lifesaver for me. It has stopped me from overthinking and procrastinating. I have now a timeframe of 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off and I found myself getting a lot more productive following this cycle. Give it a try and hopefully, you find it equally useful.  

The two symbols below work in tandem.

The symbol Brainstorm/Create a Target plan Ideas and brainstorming symbol is active during the Waxing Moon.
Try to concentrate on coming up with new solutions, inspirations, and concepts. It is amazing how often we just plow the same furrow without looking at alternatives. 

But all these ideas and scribbles on the back of an envelope count for nothing, if there is not a decisive action plan attached to go from inspiration to an actual project and see it completed! This is where Actioning Your Target Plan comes in.  
The symbol Action your target plan Action you target plan is active during the Waning Moon. I added this symbol to give you an extra push to get things done. 

Some symbols are more connected to day qualities, others more to moon phases. Both are more dependent on the moon phase, but I slotted them into the LWTM Lifestyle calendar on less active days to act as a reminder. 

The practical application: 

The model for brainstorming/problem-solving is as follows:

Ideas and brainstorming  Create new ideas/concepts/be inspired and turn them into an achievable, actionable plan – Waxing Moon 
finding creative solutions and problem solving   Work on this plan and put it into practice – Waning Moon 

If flashes of inspiration come up during the Waning Moon,  just note them down to be explored in the upcoming  Waxing Phase. For this, I carry a small notebook with me, so I am ready to jot down these ideas. Equally, if a big opportunity to act arises during the Waxing Moon, of course, take it! But separating these 2 processes can make the whole endeavor more productive. It is like firing an arrow. You first pull back and take aim (Waxing Moon).  To hit a target, this preparation is vital and takes the same amount of time if not more than taking action. 

The time scale of the Waxing and Waning Moon (2 weeks on/off) works fantastically well for either small, short-term tasks or very long-term projects. It might be harder for middle-length projects such as building work. In this case, you need to be more flexible. Use the preparation phase, which often takes a considerable time to work with this above-described process. Once an actual build starts this time scale will be hard to follow. 

Decoration Project

Here is an everyday example that most of you can relate to. You want to decorate a room. The time of the Waxing Moon is to create a mood board, choose the color palette, research what fabrics and furniture to use, and buy the materials.  Then find a decorator and arrange the dates. If you do this early on, their diary should still be open. In the Waning moon phase, it is time to do the job. As mentioned above a bit of flexibility is essential when dealing with a world that largely does not follow this rhythm. There is also no need to use the next Waning Moon phase, you can of course plan ahead and choose one a month ahead. 

This principle can be applied to any kind of activity, creative projects, or gardening tasks. Financial projects and relationships may not follow these timings, but you can still use the principle of timing your approach and not hurry into anything. Most importantly I find it permits me a guild-free time to think, but at the same time does not let me procrastinate and drift for too long.

Creating an overall goal plan at New Moon together with these more targeted action plans for the Waxing and Waning Moon will make you more effective. 


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