Keeping fit and healthy from head to toe – Hip and sexual organs

Keeping fit and healthy from head to toe – Hip and sexual organs

Today this body region is especially susceptible to exercise and looking after it. The highlighted region is the hips, pelvic floor, sexual organs (womb, vulva, ovaries), or male sexual organs. 

Herbs for this region: 

Red Clover, Lady’s Mantel (see recipe below), Red raspberry leaf tea

Herbs during the menopause

During/after pregnancy and in later life many people suffer from incontinence. Here are a few simple pelvic floor exercises that you can do in your own time.  

Test your pelvic floor: Next time you feel the need to urinate, stop the flow after the first 3rd. You should be able to manage that quite easily. If you can’t, then get on with the pelvic floor exercises until you be able to do so. It is a good idea to do them daily in any case, so these muscles stay strong, especially after childbirth.  This will prevent problems as you get older

Here is a great and inexpensive App that will help with pelvic floor exercises. Go to your App Store and look for the NHS Squeezy App. There is a nominal one-off charge, but it is well worth it and you can tailor your own pelvic floor program to suit your needs.

Sexual health and reproduction (male and female) are hot topics these days. As couples are older when they try for a family.

Here is an article that might interest you regarding a totally natural form of birth control (it works both ways – if you want to avoid getting pregnant or if you have trouble getting pregnant) Conceive with the moon 

Another hot topic is the lack of sexual appetite. Some people are born with more and others with less sexual appetite and that is perfectly normal. Stress and worries definitely take a toll on sexual appetite. So the first rule here is to relax, meditate and find peace of mind. A relaxed person finds sex often more enjoyable.  Below are a few herbs that may offer help.

If you suffer from a lack of sexual appetite here are a few natural foods that might be beneficial. 

Lady’s Mantle

When it comes to female-related topics such as menstruation, menopause, and pregnancy, Lady’s Mantel herb is a real cure-all.

You can either prepare it as a sitz bath or drink it as tea.

Below is a tea recipe for all kinds of applications.


1/2 cup lady’s mantle
1/2 cup red raspberry leaf
1/4 cup lemon balm (you can add more to taste)

For larger quantities expand in this ratio and keep it in a large glass jar.

  • Place all herbs in a dry, glass jar with a lid and shake until they’re mixed up well. Alternatively you can mix the herbs in a bowl and then add the mixture to the jar.
  • To make one cup of tea all you need is 1 teaspoon of mixed herbs per cup of hot water.
  • For a strong brew to add to a sitz bath, steep 1-2 tablespoons of herbs in a generous cup of hot water for about 5-10 minutes and strain, then add to the bath water and remain for 15 minutes until the bath cools down. This is a great relief during your period, especially if you suffer from pain or PMS. You can top your sitz bath up with actual drinking cups of tea during the day (use the same mixture).
  • Begin drinking the tea about a week before you are expecting your period.
  • If you have problems with heavy cramping, try drinking a cup (warm or iced) every day of the month.

    For your hips and general well-being into old age,  have a look into Pilates classes near you.

More information on this subject will be added in due course

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