Natural home clearing

Natural home clearing

 Tidy, declutter and dusting

In the late 1990ies, I had a very interesting home visit. My then downstairs neighbor told me about this ‘wonderful interior designer’ who he met at a recent party. My husband and I were just about to gear up for a serious redecoration process. So  I decided to have her round to get some input and ideas.

A few days later a bubbly young Italian woman showed up and I guided her around the house. I had been a makeup artist for a little while but was then experiencing a career-lull and felt a bit lackluster.  What I needed was extra energy and a fresh start.

As we walked around the place she noted down a few comments and finally, we reached the top floor. There were 2 rooms. One facing towards the garden was used as a work/spare room and the room facing the street was our bedroom.

She was puzzled by this arrangement and thought the bedroom would be much better facing the back. But we had tried this before and both found that we could not sleep well in this room. And neither did any of our guests.

She turned to me and asked if she could ‘energetically clear this room’ and took out a sage smudge stick.  At that time I had never seen one before and was by now getting quite curious.  She lit it and then walked around with it, making sure the smoke went into all the corners, behind piled-up papers, in the cupboard, and any other hidden place. She then carried on throughout the whole place.

Once finished, she gave me precise instructions on how to declutter and thoroughly air and clean the place. Then she urged me to hang up colorful, happy pictures of friends and family and snapshots of ‘happy moments.  When all that was completed and only then, I was to move the bed back into the garden-facing room, which of course I did.

That night and many after that I slept so well.  No more twisting and turning. I could not believe the difference the whole procedure had made. Additionally, a friend called me the next day and told me about an interview for a new TV show. I went to it and got the job. In hindsight, that day really transformed my then-stagnant career and home life.

Of course,  this all could have been completely coincidental, but whatever she had done – it just worked! She had explained to me the ‘concept of stagnant energy’.

According to her, dead energy gathers in crevices and around clutter and needs to be cleared away. It is like dust or debris which you would clear away, too.

My grandmother had always mentioned that energy does not get lost but just transforms. So it all somehow made sense. In any case, it had work for me whatever had caused it.

Since then I have kept to this principle.  If I ever need a bit of ‘energy’, ‘oomph’, ‘mojo’ – or whatever else you call this elusive “get-up-and-go” quality, I cleanse my home – dirt, clutter, and energy! I call it now my 3 step clean and cleanse. 

How to cleanse your home the biodynamic way?

Below I describe the 3 steps in detail. You can either do a big session where you do these in sequence and the whole house/workspace is done. This could be a spring/autumn clean.  Or if you have a lot to declutter and clean you can separate this task into small chunks. But always try to keep to the 3 steps if you can, even if you just declutter a corner of a room.

Step 1 – declutter, sort, and dust/take off ornaments
Step 2 – deep clean and put ornaments back.
Step 3 – Energetic home cleanse (in my view the quick and fun part).  

Tidy, declutter and dusting 1) Declutter, sort, and dust: Choose the time of the Waning Moon, ideally an Air Day. Take 3 bags and declutter either a room, a storage area, or whatever else needs doing. If you are a hoarder (like me), make sure you stick to a small area or room, otherwise, it is just too overwhelming. There is always another moon cycle to do the next bit. If you look at the LWTM calendar – you will find these 3 step symbols occur very frequently, so there is always a good time to either declutter, clean, or add energy to your home or workspace.

Bag One is for rubbish, Bag Two is for charity (or giving to neighbors, friends, selling on e-bay, etc) and Bag Three is your treasure chest – this is the precious stuff to keep, ideally not too much. This gets wrapped up and stored away in a nice box with labels attached so it can be easily found and reused.

Once madness turned into tidiness, take a duster and get rid of all the dust and spiderwebs. I like big fuzzy dusters – they are very quick to use – and don’t forget to shake them out of the window, so you don’t move your dust from one area to the next. If you still have some energy, clean mirrors, and possibly hoover. But what is really important – give your home a good blast of fresh air once you have finished dusting. Even in winter, just make it shorter.

washing and deep clean   2) Deep clean:  Declutter/Dusting is reserved for Air Days. These are always followed by Water Days – the ideal time to deep clean. If you have not managed to hover last time, do it today, followed by a wash/wet sponging. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are ideal for sofas and carpets (you can hire professional ones for the yearly cleaning). Remove curtains, give them a shake outside, or have them professionally dry cleaned.  Move furniture to really get as much dust/dirt away as you can. This is not a routine clean, this is a deep clean.

Routine cleaning needs to be done as and when – but for a deep clean try to harness the time of the Waning or New Moon.

Here are 2 articles about natural cleansers that you most likely all have in your larder.

Natural Cleaning Products   
Cleaning with Vinegar 

3) Energetic Cleanse: Now your home is dusted and cleaned. If you deep clean curtains and carpets please give them a few days until they have thoroughly dried. Then you are ready for step 3 – the energetic cleanse. The element fire is perfect for this task and comes up straight after Water Days – so just follow nature’s rhythm.

Get a sage smudge stick or similar and light it. Then walk around circling the smudge stick, making sure the smoke is going in all the hidden corners and crevices. Put some uplifting music on – this procedure is really fun. It cleanses out the stagnant air and lets new, vibrant energy in.

Have you ever heard the phrase – you can cut the air with a knife?  This is exactly what stagnant energy feels like. If you pay attention, there will be some hidden corners where the smudge stick literally gets stuck, spend a little bit more time clearing those ‘energetic cobwebs’. Places where there is a lot of traffic, such as hallways, normally show up a little build-up of ‘stagnant energy. It is those ‘forgotten corners behind the pile of papers where the energetic cleanse has the biggest impact.

Finally, open all the windows and let the smoke ‘ breathe out. Once all the smoke has gone,  light a scented candle or use a natural air freshener.  I guarantee you – you will notice a big difference and your sleep and general mood should improve a lot.

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Natural Home Cleaning

Natural Home Cleaning

Today is a great time to do an extra load of washing or tackle items that you rarely clean. These could be the sofa, curtains, deep-clean carpet.

I truly endorse natural products and have written an article that shows you that you can clean with vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda and many other natural products. Here are 2 articles that give you a little bit more information

Natural home cleaners

Cleaning with Vinegar

Here is an article with more recipes

Natural home cleaning

Natural home cleaning


natural cleaners

Fresh lemons.

In my view, natural is always best. In addition to routine maintenance cleaning (which is done as and when), add a 3-step declutter- deep clean- energize program. You can do a yearly/biyearly session in spring and autumn or you can just do these sessions in small doses all year round. It does not matter. 

In this article, I want to specifically go into home cleaning products. Some may surprise you!

1. Toothpaste: Who would have thought, that brushing your taps with toothpaste will make them shine again? Toothpaste is great for removing watermarks from wooden furniture, just put some on a dry cloth and rub the wooden surface. Leave to soak in for a while and then polish off with another dry cloth. Normally the watermarks should have completely disappeared. I suggest you try a small corner before attacking the whole of your furniture, especially antique furniture.

If you have a piano and the keys have gone yellow, just brush them with a toothbrush and tooth paste and they will be white again, just like your teeth.

Use toothpaste to repair CDs or DVDs with minor scratches. Dab some toothpaste on the back of the CD or DVD and gently spread in a circular motion. Delicately rinse with water and a tissue.

2. Baking powder: Sprinkle baking powder into your sink and leave it for around 20 minutes. Then put white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the baking powder with the vinegar, finally rinse off with warm soapy water and your sink will sparkle again.

Another good use for baking soda is when you burnt food in a pot or pan. Don’t scratch the surface, by trying to scrub the burnt food off. Just sprinkle some baking soda into the pan and add some water and bring to the boil. The burnt food will come off quite easily and you can wash the pan and pot as normal. In severe cases, you have to repeat the baking powder boiling a few times. But it will save you many pots which would have been useless or otherwise scratched. 

If your oven needs a good clean combine 5 teaspoons of baking soda, 5 drops of washing-up liquid, and some water to create a paste.  Coat the inside of the oven with this paste and leave overnight. The next morning again spray it with vinegar and leave for another 20 minutes. Then you can sponge it off with water.

Have you got stains on your glass hob? Start by mixing baking soda and water in a small dish. Spread the paste over the stained area and let it set for 10 minutes.  Clean it off with soapy water. Or pour lemon juice/white vinegar over the baking soda paste to release tougher stains. Use a dry cloth to wipe off any remaining streaks.

3. White vinegar: I can’t believe when I look into some kettles what amount of limestone they contain. This is not good for the kettle and it is certainly not good for the body, as you drink a limescale mixture with every cup of coffee or tea you make. So it is important for both your and kettle’s health to start descaling!

The best way to do this is to fill your kettle with white wine vinegar and leave it to stand overnight. In the morning bring the kettle to boil and discard the water. IMPORTANT: add a post-it note to the kettle saying DESCALING! You don’t want anybody else to forget and use the descaling vinegar brew for their morning coffee. (has happened in my house!). Now fill the kettle with fresh water, boil, and discard again (to get rid of any smells). Fill again and now the kettle is back in action. If you do this on average every 3 months – you can keep it in a virtual new shape for a long time. 

You can also descale your taps and shower heads by placing kitchen towels soaked in white vinegar over them, again leave overnight, and rinse off in the morning. Some stone surfaces like marble or granite don’ like vinegar, so if ever in doubt always test on a small unseen corner.

4. Lemon: Dried on food that won’t easily wipe off inside your microwave? Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into a glass bowl containing half a cup of water, and pop the squeezed lemons in as well.

Warning: never place anything metal inside a microwave. Microwave the lemon water for 3 minutes. After the ping, leave it for a further 5 minutes before removing the bowl. Now wipe clean the food splashes with a damp cloth for a sparkling interior.

To make your place smell fresh and clean take a small saucepan, fill it to about two-thirds with water, slice a lemon and add a few sprigs of rosemary.

Add 1-2 tablespoons of vanilla extract and let it simmer for a marvelous smell around your house.

5. Cream of tartar: to get rid of any stickiness on your extractor fan and cooker hood mix a tablespoon of cream of tartar and a few drops of water. Rub the solution onto the area firmly with a sponge and wipe with a damp paper towel.

6. Cola: If you find it hard to stomach the vinegar smell, you can try cola instead. Put 750ml of the fizzy drink into your kettle and boil it. This should be sufficient for most kettles –  please make sure you never fill it beyond the ‘max’ level! Pour away the hot liquid and rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat this until the limescale has gone. Personally, I don’t think it is as efficient as white vinegar, but it will do for a mild limescale buildup. 
Colas are also brilliant toilet cleaners, just pour some cola into your toilet and leave for a while whilst you clean the toilet seat and other surroundings. Your toilet will sparkle again.

7. Clean your drains with washing-up liquid: Over time, kitchen drains can start to clog up with fatty deposits creating an unpleasant smell. Once a drain is totally blocked you may have to employ a heavy-duty drain cleaner, which won’t be very environmentally friendly. Here is a quick way to keep your drains from blocking in the first place. Squirt the amount of a small cup of liquid washing up liquid down the drain, then boil a whole kettle and slowly pour it after the washing up liquid. Leave to stand for a little and repeat the hot water another 2-3 times. This should be enough for a routine clean. 

If you have already some build-up, you may want to repeat this process on a few occasions. 



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