Financial pit stop

Financial pit stop

Today is time for your personal money date. I know it sounds terribly boring and painful. But the truth is, we all have to do it. So make it as much enjoyable as possible.

Put some great music on, and have a coffee, glass of wine, or other favorite drink. Then get all the receipts out and order them in categories and put them into relevant envelopes. If you still have time, dot them up and put the total in a spreadsheet. This is a great way of keeping track of your finances and makes the end of the tax year so much easier.

You will see that doing it in little chunks, is not so bad at all. It is so important to get a system in place (this exercise will take a bit of time) and then all you need to do is keep it updated. This symbol will hopefully remind you of your personal money pit stop.

Personal fulfillment goes hand in hand with financial freedom (the feeling that you are not drowning in debt and that you are financially in control of your life.) More resources to follow.

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