The LWTM moon diet

The LWTM moon diet

A few years ago I started a trial called ‘The LWTM moon diet’. It was based on a book and some research I found in a library. The roots of it all go far back to Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine who lived in Ancient Greece around 500 B.C.

The LWTM moon diet

The trial gave some really good insights and I still thank the participants who were so generous with their time, interest and feedback. Most of the people who participated did so for health reasons and out of curiosity and only a few actively tried to lose a lot of weight with this program. However, all found an increased level of energy and small weight loss. I did not have the time or resources to extend it to a full-blown trial with properly measured results.

Before I go more into what it is – here are some of the testimonials I received after the 2 months trial run was completed:

I feel better and my digestions works a lot better. I am really enjoying it and will continue after the trial run”

‘ I really enjoyed the fast days and as an added bonus my period, who was a bit hit and miss became regular again – it now always comes around the Full Moon”

‘ I liked the variety of foods I could eat and I find the concept very interesting. I am not a natural cook and initially, I had to spend a bit more time dedicated to cooking, but once I got into the swing of it, that has now decreased and I learned a lot about healthy eating on the way’

‘ The part I enjoyed the most was the variety of herbal teas and what they were good for. I will definitely keep doing it’

Only since I took part in the trial run I realized that indeed I crave different foods at different times’

Naturally, you will be asking – so what is this moon diet? I will give you a few pointers and tips here that you can start trying on yourself. But the whole process is of course far too complex for a short blog post.

If you have read most of my previous material about Biodynamics, you will know that days are not all equal as they all have individual day qualities. This goes from planting/harvesting right through to eating.

When you look at the calendar you will see each day has a moon phase and element attached. In essence, the moon phase tells us about the way we should eat and the element tells us what kind of food we should eat.

I believe the real strength of this way of eating lies in the combination of timing and food variety. So instead of just eating whatever is around, you will make a conscious decision of what to eat and what to avoid.

In principle, there are 3 states or modes
1. Elimination/fasting phase
2 Changing weight phase (either gaining or losing weight)
3. Keeping your current weight (within the range of an up to 3 kilograms or 6 pounds).

During the Waxing Moon, you want to eat food that is very nutritious and stock up on vitamins and minerals. Additional you choose exercise programs like yoga, pilates, stretching, swimming, weight lifting anything that makes your body more flexible and strengthens/builds muscle tissue.
During the Full Moon – you either have a rest day or a fast day (depending on your current phase)
During the Waning Moon, you lose weight and step up the cardiovascular program, like running, cycling, hiking, everything that strengthens the heart and circulation.
The time of the New Moon is the fasting time, irrespective of weight. It is the time to cleanse and reset your digestion. This should go hand in hand with a relaxing walk or some stretching/relaxation exercises. Long runs and other strenuous exercises such as spinning class should be off the table. It is time to give your digestion and body a good rest.

During the program, it is important to follow a varied diet. Food is rotated in accordance with the elements, but the exact method is beyond the scope of this article.

Below is a recipe for the New Moon fast day. Just a few simple tricks can make a big difference.

Element Water

Element Water

Today is ruled by the element Water. 

This means it is an emotional, thought-provoking day. Your senses and feelings are heightened. It is a good day for love and dealings/outings with the family, partner and close friends.

Water Days are also ideal  ‘me-time’ days, Chanel your intuition and think how you fit into this world. This is an important step to keep happy and healthy. And if you are happy and healthy you radiate this to your closer circle and the wider community – at work and home.

If you struggle with certain issues – seek help. Once you have overcome these struggles and find yourself in a happy place,  return the favor and help those who in turn need help.  Volunteering for a local charity would be a great use of your time, but if you can’t do that, you may be able to make a donation. As they say – giving is even more joyous than receiving!

Water Days (as the name suggests) are ideal for watering houseplants and bring out natural fertiliser in your garden. During a Waning Moon try to get a lot of the washing and deep cleaning done –  especially items that you don’t clean too often, like bedspreads, rugs, or curtains.

Planting, composting are all activities that do well today.

For more information please look up the LWTM calendar and click on the symbol description. 

Element Air

Element Air

Today is ruled by the element Air. 

This is a creative, productive, and positive time. Good for all kinds of cultural experiences, communication, and artistic enterprises.  Ideas just flow better and it makes a great day for writing, broadcasting, blogging.

As communication is highlighted, try to reach out to people you lost touch with or try to patch up strained relationships (especially during the Waning Moon).

Here is how the elements correspond to the phases of the moon:

Element Air  – Waxing Moon – time to network and to create projects/tasks
Element Fire – Full Moon – time to present, sell and celebrate
Element Earth – Waning Moon – time to put the hard craft in and turn ideas into action
Element Water – New Moon – evaluate your work. Where can you improve?   Which direction do you want to travel in?  What are your core values and what do you want to do with your life?
Use our handy LWTM Life goal planner to help you find the answers.

For more information please look up the LWTM calendar and attached symbols

The element earth

The element earth

element earth  THE ELEMENT EARTH

Today is associated with stability, diligence, persistence, and working hard.  The element Earth, is as its name suggests, is all about being ‘down to earth and getting the job done’.  Fire Days are light, celebratory, and full of energy. Earth Days are the practical, hard-working counterparts. These are not the most glamorous days, but time for checking accomplished tasks off your to-do list. It is the ‘essential stuff’ that will make you move forward. 

Apart from New Moon, Earth days are good for detox (especially Waning Moon)  and helping your friends and the wider community.  It is the energy of the dependable, reliable friend who helps out in a practical way. 

Below you find a short summary and overview of particularly beneficial activities, all sorted by the various lifestyle areas.  For more specific advice and information please click each symbol description on the 
Month Ahead Lifestyle calendar 

LOOKING GOOD:  Nourishing and detoxifying skincare, perming/relaxing hair, body brushing, and hair removal. Massages that take away blockages and tensions are also particularly welcome.

FEELING FANTASTIC: Meditation, self-improvement and detox days. The best form of exercise is stretching, yoga, pilates, or anything to do with endurance like marathons, mountain tours, and long walks. 

HAPPY HOUSE: all earth-related tasks such as weeding, turning the soil, building paths, foundation work and repotting

FINANCE/VOCATION: Starting a new job,  sending off CVs, compiling shortlists for candidates, doing the accounts, budgeting and book-keeping.

FEELING LOVE: Earth Days are all about community support and friendships. Being reliable, caring, and doing something practical for someone you care. 

Element Water

The element Water

element water  THE ELEMENT WATER

Today is associated with emotional depth, dreams, intuition, visionary inspiration, and healing. The element water is the most introspective element in this cycle. Similar to New Moon, Water Days are great to listen to  ‘your inner voice’ and fill-in/add to your life goal planner.

Every action starts with a vision, a dream, a conception. Most successful entrepreneurs will say – it all started with a thought and burning desire. This quality is often overlooked as it is intangible.  But it is this process that informs the vision of your life. 

In these vital moments ignore any dismissive ‘inner voices’ and start believing in yourself. Put a vision board together, look at it and believe it. It is amazing how the mind reacts. They say ‘seeing is believing’ and it is true. You need to ‘see what you want to do’ and you need to write your goals down.

Anybody who thinks this is a bit woohoo out there has most likely never done this exercise before. Before you dismiss it, I urge you to give it a try first. Put together a mood board of everything that you want in your life in the next few years. For the next 3 months look at it daily and then read through your goals and core value in your lifestyle planner – yes every morning. Our mind needs to be told what to think and this is a gentle and positive reprogramming. 

Below you find a short summary and overview of particularly beneficial activities, all sorted by the various lifestyle areas.  For more specific advice and information please click each symbol description on the
Month Ahead Lifestyle calendar 

LOOKING GOOD:  Healing and cleansing beauty treatments, pedicures, not the best days for hair cuts (Water Days had the reputation of ‘bad hair days’).

FEELING FANTASTIC: self-help, meditation, inspiring courses and lessons, philosophy talks and cultural experiences.

HAPPY HOUSE: Watering, fertilizing, lawn care, composting, planting and anything to do with deep cleaning and washing.

FINANCE/VOCATION:  Job hunting, learning and goal planning. Reading the fine print of contracts and juggling paperwork.

FEELING LOVE:  Water days are romantic days and full of love.  That is why they make good Family Days where you spend a little bit more quality time with your children and partner.  But please don’t forget to look after yourself.  Take an hour here and there and spend this precious time wisely to look after yourself and visualize where life will take you.