Keeping fit and healthy from head to toe – Brain function, eyes and head

Keeping fit and healthy from head to toe – Brain function, eyes and head

Today this body region is especially susceptible to exercise and looking after it. The highlighted zone today are the eyes, brain, and head. 


Find some time during the day for only a few minutes when you shut your eyes and remove yourself from the world around you. Even better when you combine it with some visualization or breathing technique. I usually visualize a field full of hay flowers on a mountain with crisp, healthy air and lots of sunshine. I see myself lying in the deep grass, feeling happy and energized. But of course, you will find your own ‘special place’ to breathe and let stress go.

Good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is often the best medicine. Here is an article that explains how our circadian rhythm works and how we potentially can enhance our sleep routine. An old folkloric tradition was to use small cushions either filled with lavender or hop cones and flowers (hop cushions). Drinking a lot of beer also seems to cure anxiety and is a known anaphrodisiac – so best avoided. Better to boil up some poppy tea (see below) or 

Train your brain

When you commute or wait for a doctor’s appointment or have some time to spare, instead of googling on your phone, find an app/quiz and train your mind. Start this when you are young and keep it up to old age. It is a short and fun way to keep your mind active.

Test your eyes

Today is a good reminder to book yourself in for an eye test, update glasses, or contact prescriptions. It is also a good day for an eye test or choosing new glasses/contact lenses.
To soothe tired eyes: Take a few common poppy leaves and boil them to a pulp, once warm, apply them to your eyelids. You can also buy poppy tea bags to make an infusion. Wet 2 cotton buds and place them on your eyes and drink the rest as poppy tea calms and helps with insomnia (see section above).

Scalp Tonic to keep healthy hair

Every time you wash your hair, try to rub your scalp with nettle tea. This will help keep your scalp healthy and prevents hair loss.
Here is how to do it. 
More information on this subject will be added in due course

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