Shoulder, lung, arms, hands

Shoulder, lung, arms, hands

Today this body region is especially susceptible to exercise and looking after it. The highlighted regions today are the shoulders, lung, arms and hands. 

Exercise your shoulder and arms to keep them toned and flexible. Make sure that you add a couple of breathing exercises to your daily routine, even if it is just a few deep breaths. A good exercise for today is –  Happy In/Grumpy out. You can do this anywhere. 

Take 2-3 really deep breaths. Then on breath 4 imagine that you are in a beautiful area with lots of trees, flowers, maybe at the seaside and you take in a lot of energy with your breath.  Picture these idyllic surroundings whilst you breathe in as deep as you can.  Then hold your breath and thoughts for a few seconds. When you are ready to exhale, imagine that all your worries, toxins or anything you wanted to ‘mentally get rid of’ come out with this long, deep breath. Repeat this exercise a few times. 

This breathing technique is a real stress buster. If you ever felt tense and angry after a particularly cruelling meeting/difficult commute to work or other stressful situations – a few such deep breaths can clear your head and tension. Even better go for a quick walk whilst doing these exercises. 

For your hands and arms smoother them with a good hand cream or moisturizer, file your nails or treat yourself to a manicure. 

Avoid operations and medical procedures in the shoulder, arm and hand area.