New you or new fad?

New you or new fad?

My new authentic self‘Every year I make a resolution to change myself. This year, I make a resolution to be my authentic self ‘

Yesterday my husband and I discussed the topic ‘self-help’. I am a self-confessed ‘self-help junkie’ and have been like this ever since I can remember. I was already doing this before it was recognized or even fashionable, so have a bit of experience in this field.

My husband’s point was that there was now too much of it out there. The pressure to constantly thrive for the ‘best version of you’ makes people unhappy and stressed. I actually agree with him.

But there are of course different versions of self-help. As this vast topic of ‘self-help’ has become so fashionable,  a lot of marketers are jumping on the bandwagon selling a lot of bad advice for huge sums of money. In my view, this is not self-help, but marketing some kind of new fad diet, plan, or product with totally unrealistic expectations and no long-term relevance.

Real self-help is being introspective and shining a light on what is not working so well for you. There is no fad, this is just a fact. We all have areas we struggle with and these are very individual. We often hear of people who we perceive as ‘super successful’ only to find out later down the line that they had actually a real rotten time during their ‘streak of public success’.

Can this be described as ‘real success’ – probably not.  I feel that a real sense of accomplishment comes from a place of contentment and moving forward in one’s own authentic and timely manner. It is not a static status quo, but an ever-evolving work of progress. It has to be done in alignment with what you need and what you are currently capable of achieving.  Otherwise, it becomes an unrealistic strain that leads to misery and self-doubt.

If an aspect of your life is not working, doing more of the same is insanity. So how do you change? In order to find a new way, it does make sense to look around to get advice and ideas of what works for others.  This is not a fad.  This is called a short cut and I am all for this.

If you had a burning desire to climb Kilimanjaro during the coming year, it would make sense to talk to someone who did the same journey last year. This person could give you a lot of advice on what gear to bring, which season to choose, and which local support network they would recommend. Doing no research at all and just going there with no preparation would be insane and dangerous.

So why don’t we follow through in this manner with all other areas of our life? 
That is exactly what I intend to do with Living With The Moon. I have been trawling through tons of advice, research, and old charts/tips left by my grandmother and have ordered them into categories relating to your
cleansing routine
Health and beauty – Looking Good – the turquoise symbols
Garden and Interior Design
Gardening and Home – Happy House – the green symbols
romance and love
Relationships and Love – Feeling love – the pink symbols
Ideas and brainstorming
Career, Vocation, and Money – the grey-blue symbols

Finding Balance

Happiness, inner fulfillment – Feeling great – yellow symbols

Look out for them in the LWTM Lifestyle Holistic Lifestyle  Calendar and click on the symbol descriptions for more information

Everybody who has followed this website for a while knows that I am not a big fan of big New Year Resolutions.  It never worked for me. That is why I put together the holistic life goal plannerLWTM Lifegoal Planner with a step-by-step program to gently guide you through the rapids of life. You get a free copy when you join our free LWTM membership. I put this together as a tool to help you and not as a fad to make money.
I hope you find it as useful as I do.

Have a happy and productive  2023


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A goal planner that works for you

A goal planner that works for you


January is usually the time when we swing into action and come up with plenty of New Year resolutions. But too often this ‘list of good intentions’ is put into a drawer by February and largely forgotten by March. Does this sound familiar?

Yet goal planning is essential! Talk to any successful entrepreneur, business leader, or high achiever and I guarantee that they all follow some sort of life planner or goal list. Why is this so crucial?

Picture yourself driving a car or walking down the road. When you set off on a journey you most likely what to have an idea of where you are going. Otherwise, you drive/walk around aimlessly without ever reaching a destination. And life is not much different.

If YOU are not in charge of where you are going, OTHERS will highjack you to achieve their own goals and objections. This is often done without any kind of malicious intent.  But if you are just ‘bumbling along’, someone has to take control – and usually, it is to your detriment and to the other person’s gain.

This does not mean you can never align your destination with others, quite the opposite. Sharing your journey with like-minded individuals is a good thing – as long as your intentions and interests align with them (at least in most parts and you can reach a successful compromise for the rest).  Then the outcome will be a happy relationship, work partnership, or friendship. But this only works, if you have a clear game plan yourself and set nice, but firm boundaries.

So how does successful goal planning work?

The answer is by breaking down big intentions into small, achievable steps. Then goal setting is fun and easy. The moon cycle with its monthly routine is a perfect time scale for achieving small goals. When you follow the LWTM Goal Planner, it will prompt you how and when to check your goal list, so you won’t ever forget

Trust me you will achieve your goals as long as you 

  • Create and follow your goals with  persistence
  • Break your goals down into thought-through, achievable steps 
  • Build in a ‘safety net’ that catches you when you drift away from what matters
  • Evaluate your goals on a regular basis 
  • Sort your goals into different areas of your life – so you do have an even spread between fun, family, work, and whatever else is dear to you. 

I feel that goal planning is so essential for your life that I have added it as a freebie as part of the LWTM free member package. All you need to do is being open-minded and USE IT!

I wish you success and Happy Goal Planning in the year ahead 

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