Keeping fit and healthy from head to toe – Heart, arteries, circulation, spine

Keeping fit and healthy from head to toe – Heart, arteries, circulation, spine

Today this body region is especially susceptible to exercise and looking after it. The highlighted region today is your heart, arteries, circulation, and spine.

Everybody knows we have to look after your heart. If you eat well and exercise regularly you will be halfway there.
A good way to start (if you currently don’t exercise at all) is to add a walk/run to your week. Start with only a few minutes and most importantly measure your heartbeat. You should reach 120 to a maximum of 150 per minute. You will need a device like a Fitbit or similar and it is well worth the investment. This is the best way to strengthen your heart. Most people raise their heart rate too much and then the body shuts down. Always exercise according to your heart rate! If your run looks more like a walk, but your heart rate is in the right zone, then that is right for you. You will be able to speed up in your own time.

Your resting heart rate should be in the region of 55 to 70 beats. But when you start to exercise these heartbeats will increase. Here are some information on heart rate and fat burning. An optimal fat-burning heart rate depends on your age and how fit you are. Check it out here and try not to go higher, as that would put a strain on your system. 

The back and spine are also highlighted today. A good posture is the best way to keep your spine in a good place. An ancient Indian pearl of wisdom says – you are as old as your spine is flexible. Exercises such as yoga, pilates, and regular stretching will keep your spine healthy and flexible. Posture work has gone out of fashion and now many youngsters slouch. The old-fashioned keep a book in your armpits when you eat or a broomstick or any large stick held behind your back just wedged into your arms – will make sure that you must keep good posture. Once you have good posture, you will look more positive and confident, besides opening your chest will improve your breathing and blood flow.

More information on this subject will be added in due course

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