How to remove unwanted hair growth

Shaving of legs

How to remove unwanted hair growth

There are many ways to remove unsightly, unwanted hair growth. Below you can find a few methods, some can be done at home, others need to be performed by an experienced hair removal expert. 

The best times to remove unwanted hair growth is during the Waning Moon or New Moon and whenever you see the ‘Tweezer’ symbol on the LWTM life-style calendar.  

Semi-permanent to permanent hair removal:
These procedures are effective and permanent, but the downside is that they are expensive and you will need to see a qualified practitioner.

 This method provides an almost permanent hair removal solution and  is performed by sliding a thin metal probe into the hair follicle. Then an electric current is passed through the hair root which will then die. People with strong hair growth may need a few sessions to eliminate all hair growth. But usually most hair follicles are destroyed and therefore the re-growth is minimal.
This method of hair removal is safe and effective, providing that it is performed by a trained professional, The downside is that this treatment is slow, expensive and sometimes uncomfortable.

Laser hair removal: 
Electrolysis is good for small and delicate areas such as facial hair growth. If you want to get rid of larger areas,  then a laser hair removal treatment is preferable. Laser hair removal is a relatively new procedure and there is no firm data yet available of how permanent and effective the hair reduction really is. 
The laser is directed from a hand piece into the skin and if practiced correctly, it is a very safe and convenient method.  It does not deliver a 100% reduction, but re-growth is lighter and thinner, so repeat treatments are inevitable.

Temporary hair removal:
 If you want to remove your body hair in the comfort of your own home, then these are the best options:

This is the most common way of hair removal. Despite common belief, the hair does not come back thicker. But as the hair is new, it may look thicker. The upside is that this method is quick and cheap. The downside is that you can cut yourself and that you have to repeat shaving on an almost daily basis. This method is good for the female body, but not the face, as it creates stubbles.

Cream depilatories: 
If you don’t like the thought of wielding a sharp instrument, then cream depilatories are a good alternative. This chemical dissolves the hair. Apply the cream to the skin and leave it for a few minutes, then take the cream off with a spatula and the hair will come with it. Finally wash your face. This method is not recommended if you have a very sensitive skin, as your skin might burn and get irritated. Hair re-growth is a little bit slower than with razors. For an average hair growth, this method can be done weekly, rather than daily. Some people prefer to shave legs and underarm, but use cream for the face.

Rotary epilators: 
These instruments are similar to raisers, but will give a more permanent result. If you have a light hair growth, this effect can last for a few weeks. Unlike shavers where re-growth has to be barely visible, rotary epilators need a bit more hair growth in order to grip the hair. So if you have very dark hair and a fair skin, this method might not work for you. When you use the machine, pull the skin tight in the direction of growth. This method is good for legs and arms, but not recommended in the face.

Hot wax/ wax strips: 
This is a fast and efficient method to get rid of unwanted hair growth. It does need a little bit of practice, but can be easily done at home and the results are certainly long lasting than the shaving and cream method.  Always pull the skin in the direction of the hair growth and remove the wax against the hair growth. The downside is that waxing can be rather painful! So not good for people with a low pain threshold.






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