Element Fire

Element Fire

Today is ruled by the element Fire.

On the whole, today promises to be an uplifting and energetic day. It is good for representing, partying, business launches, and get-togethers. You feel more ‘fired up’ and full of beans.  It is a good time to work hard, play hard, and enjoy the finer things in life.  Examples include travel, seeing a theatre show, going to an exhibition, and pampering yourself.

It is of course not always possible to time events, but at least you can plan and book some weekends away for trips, and small luxuries, best enjoyed in the company of others. 

In work life, the element Fire encourages competition, which may be helpful if you are trying to win a contract, go to an interview, or take part in a competitive sporting event.

In our private life, the Element Fire gets you ready for a playful time, full of passion and creativity. Instead of working hard in the home or garden, better use this time for entertainment and to have fun. 

Here is how the elements correspond to the phases of the moon:

Element Air

Element Air: Waxing Moon – time to network, promote, and create projects/tasks

element fire

Element Fire: Full Moon – time to present, love and celebrate

 Element Earth: Waning Moon – time to work hard and turn ideas into actions

element water

Element Water: New Moon – evaluate your work and get in tune with your emotions and inner longings.

Life can be overwhelming. This is a gentle nudge to make sure that you are not just swamped with ‘stuff’, but also leave yourself some time, even as little as 30 minutes a day, to follow your heart and spend doing something truly meaningful that is aligned with your core values. 
Once this has become a habit, these fleeting moments compound to a substantial change in outlook and quality of life. It will allow you to create a full-filled way of life brimming with happiness.  

Not sure what your real values are – download our free LWTM LifeGoal Planner as part of the freebies package. 



Element Fire

The element Fire

element fire   THE ELEMENT FIRE 

Today is associated with creativity, energy, and passion. Fire is the most active day quality and with a lot of focus, you can really move your projects forward.
Traditionally, the element Fire was used for presentations, big sale pitches, award ceremonies and anything to do with celebrations and achievements. It is not always possible to time events on the 100% perfect day.  But if you do have a choice, I would recommend planning your next presentation on a day during Waxing/Full Moon and element Fire.

Below you find a short summery and overview of particularly beneficial activities, all sorted by the various lifestyle areas.  For more specific advice and information please click each symbol description on the 
Month Ahead Lifestyle calendar 

LOOKING GOOD:  hair cuts, spa treatments, skincare (especially anything that energizes and rejuvenates).

FEELING FANTASTIC: All kinds of creative activities, especially any kind of performing, painting, and visiting cultural events.  Concerts, theatre visits and galleries, ideally with some social life attached to it are ideal for this vibrant energy. 
Fire Days are great days for planning short vacations, family outings and romantic weekends away or other impromptu travel arrangements such as spa breaks.  Activities such as aerobic and spinning classes,  weightlifting will tone your body and exercise your heart and lungs. 

HAPPY HOUSE: Baking, entertaining, love and romance, pruning and planting fruit trees/bushes, and preserving food.

FINANCE/VOCATION: As mentioned above anything to do with presenting, selling, and advertising. Going to tradeshows, making powerful speeches and presentations. 

FEELING LOVE:  A great time for passion, romantic gestures, and dating. Another aspect is giving to charity, especially if it is tied up with a social fundraising event.


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