Element Earth

Element Earth

Today is ruled by the element Earth. 

These are pragmatic and work-focused days. Any tasks that involve finances like doing your receipts, VAT returns, checking on investments, etc. belong to today. It is all about bringing order and stability into your life. Be realistic and forward-thinking, but at the same time pay due diligence. It pays off to be consistent, especially when you invest in your future.

Although these days can also be action-packed as you tick off your to-do list, especially during the Waning Moon. Earth Days prompt you to get out into the garden, park, or woodland and reconnect with nature. Planting, weeding, turning the soil – anything to do with preparing the soil for planting are great tasks for today.  The same goes for building-related tasks like laying a new garden path or putting down foundations for patios, pergolas, and fences. In the home, especially when paired with the Waning Moon, these days are ideal for any kind of maintenance or repair jobs.

Earth Days are ideal detox days. Being so busy you won’t even notice not eating too much and you rarely have got time for a big meal anyway. Contrary to common belief, fasting will give you more energy rather than less.  If you do eat,  keep to a healthy, predominately vegetarian diet with a lot of herb teas and water. Give your digestions a mini-break, whilst the rest of the body is busy getting stuff done.

Here is how the elements correspond to the phases of the moon:


Element Air

Element Air: Waxing Moon – time to network, promote, and create projects/tasks

element fireElement Fire: Full Moon – time to present, love and celebrate


element earth    Element Earth: Waning Moon – time to work hard and turn ideas into actions

element water

Element Water: New Moon – evaluate your work and get in tune with your emotions and inner longings.

Life can be overwhelming. This is a gentle nudge to make sure that you are not just swamped with ‘stuff’, but also leave yourself some time, even as little as 30 minutes a day, to follow your heart and spend doing something truly meaningful that is aligned with your core values.
Once this has become a habit, these fleeting moments compound to a substantial change in outlook and quality of life. It will allow you to create a full-filled way of life brimming with happiness.

Not sure what your real values are – download our free LWTM LifeGoal Planner as part of the freebies package. 

Element Earth

The element earth

element earth  THE ELEMENT EARTH

Today is associated with stability, diligence, persistence, and working hard.  The element Earth, is as its name suggests, is all about being ‘down to earth and getting the job done’.  Fire Days are light, celebratory, and full of energy. Earth Days are the practical, hard-working counterparts. These are not the most glamorous days, but time for checking accomplished tasks off your to-do list. It is the ‘essential stuff’ that will make you move forward. 

Apart from New Moon, Earth days are good for detox (especially Waning Moon)  and helping your friends and the wider community.  It is the energy of the dependable, reliable friend who helps out in a practical way. 

Below you find a short summary and overview of particularly beneficial activities, all sorted by the various lifestyle areas.  For more specific advice and information please click each symbol description on the 
Month Ahead Lifestyle calendar 

LOOKING GOOD:  Nourishing and detoxifying skincare, perming/relaxing hair, body brushing, and hair removal. Massages that take away blockages and tensions are also particularly welcome.

FEELING FANTASTIC: Meditation, self-improvement and detox days. The best form of exercise is stretching, yoga, pilates, or anything to do with endurance like marathons, mountain tours, and long walks. 

HAPPY HOUSE: all earth-related tasks such as weeding, turning the soil, building paths, foundation work and repotting

FINANCE/VOCATION: Starting a new job,  sending off CVs, compiling shortlists for candidates, doing the accounts, budgeting and book-keeping.

FEELING LOVE: Earth Days are all about community support and friendships. Being reliable, caring, and doing something practical for someone you care. 


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