Start your Waning Moon Diet program

Start your Waning Moon Diet program

If you have followed our LWTM lifestyle program for a while you will have seen that we always advocate starting a diet program during the time of the Waning Moon. As a quick reminder, you will see this symbol at Full Moon. You can then either ignore it or get ready for your 2-week program.

I always advocate liquid fast days during the 4th Quarter and around the New Moon. But if you want to go for something more substantial and longer-term, use the days just after the Full Moon to start a program and finish off with a liquid fast day at New Moon. Then have a 2-week break and try to stabilize your weight loss before embarking on another 14-day cycle.

We are currently working on a detailed program that you can use in the future. But for now, you can follow a program of your choice. Ideally, finish your program with a Liquid Fast Day at New Moon. 

In the meantime, please read this article and resources that tell you more about holistic weight management. 


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