The benefits of yellow crystals

The benefits of yellow crystals

This article will look into the benefits of yellow crystals which are connected to the The Chakras - illustration courtesey of chakra. If you want to start the series from the beginning – click here 

This is our ‘natural center’ where the ‘gut feeling’ lies.

A few years ago I was lacking in energy and my mother gave me a ‘sunstone’ in the shape of a heart and I have used it ever since. When I feel a bit run down I leave the stone in full sunshine (for a day or 2) and when it is ‘fully charged’ I add the stone to a large glass of water, leave it for about 24 hours and drink this water. It definitely helps me to ‘recharge’. You can find out more below.

The chakra is located in the center of the stomach and solar plexus. It is connected to your intuition (better known as gut feeling), the summary of all your experiences, your potential, self-confidence, and intellectual power.

When the solar chakra is in balance people learn from their mistakes, are humble, and ready for new opportunities. They have a sharp intellect and are good decision-makers. These people are ’emotional rocks’ for their environment and are relied upon by others for their shrewd advice and insights.

However, when the solar chakra is unbalanced, we feel indecisive, restless, show compulsive behaviors, obsessions which people, objects, success, and else which we think to compensate for the lack of  ‘real, inner happiness’.

The organs affected by the solar chakra are digestion, liver, spleen, gall bladder, stomach, metabolism, and nervous system. An unbalanced solar chakra can lead to problems in these areas. It is also connected to  ‘yo-yo dieting’ and lack of weight loss due to nervous dispositions better known as ‘stress eating’.

Here are some of my favourite crystals to wear or add to drinking water:

Heliodor:  Its name comes from Ancient Greece and translates as ‘the gift from the sun’.  It transfers ‘sun energy’, giving us a real boost as I described above.

Commonly known as ‘sunstone’ is a great balancer for all those who juggle 110 things at the same time. This yellow crystal is therefore a good stone for the ‘self-employed’ and people with varied work patterns as it helps with emotional stability and happiness.

Drinking water energized by a ‘sunstone’ is particularly useful in the dark winter months. But this pure sun energy is then harder to come by and you need to choose a particularly sunny day for it to ‘charge’.

Chrysoberyl:  This yellow-brownish, opaque stone is made from aluminum oxide containing beryllium. When polished it looks like a golden ‘cat’s eye’ and was often used as a talisman against accidents and anything to do with travel. This would make a good stone for anybody who travels a lot for work. Commercial drivers, pilots, frequent business travelers should have one of these in their cars, pocket. The chrysoberyl was given to anybody starting up in life or career. It was seen as the bringer of prosperity and wearing a chrysoberyl stone said to help with clarity and focus.

On a physical level, it helps with exhaustion due to too much work and anything to do with food allergies, food poisoning, or any kind of eating disorder.

Yellow Spinel stone: This beautiful jewelry stone resembles a yellow diamond when cut in shape. It is a natural anti-depressant and a bringer of happiness. It calms every ‘workaholic’ or over-competitive person down and is said to bring happiness and the feeling of real satisfaction.

Lemon Quartz:  This relatively common stone contains silicon dioxide and the yellow ‘lemon’ colour is caused by iron. This yellow crystal helps with bladder and kidney complaints and diabetes. It will also speed up your metabolism and helps with weight loss and any kind of food craving.
It has also shown its usefulness for anybody how wants to make a positive change- like to stop smoking, to lose weight – as it helps with willpower and focus.
Traditionally the lemon quartz was one the favourites to ‘calm the nerves and is still used as a talisman for interviews, tests, and public speaking engagements.

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The benefit of crystals – how do crystals work?

The benefit of crystals – how do crystals work?

How do crystals work?  

Let’s take for example a wristwatch as it contains quartz. This crystal oscillator creates a signal with a precise frequency and these signal cycles are then converted into time displays, showing units of hours, minutes and seconds, all part of the calendar. 

Like our wristwatch, we use crystals to resonate with our own energy. Crystals are formed deep inside the earth’s mantle, a melting pot of various materials and energy. This absorbed and stored energy gives crystals the power to heal, calm or enhance our energy. Their individual power depends on how the crystal was formed, its shape/structures and its mineral content.

An easy way to distinguish between crystals is their shape and colour. We all have particular needs and they may vary during our lifetime and according to situations, we find ourselves in. Sometimes we need crystals to give us energy (for example after an illness), but at other times we need them to calm us down.  There are crystals for every emotion, from giving strength, boost concentration to helping people through bereavement or separation.

How to use crystals

  1. The best and most convenient way is to wear crystals as jewelry. Choose between rings, bracelets, amulets, or earrings. They look pretty and help you throughout the day, depending on what energy you currently need. It makes therefore sense to vary the jewelry you wear. This is not a new invention, but looking back at every possible civilization, there has hardly been one where no jewelry was present.
  1. Drink water enhanced by crystals. I have a sunstone and whenever I feel a bit lethargic or lacking in energy, I put this sunstone into full sunlight. Then I add it into a big bowl of water and let it stand for a few hours and drink this water. This helps me to ‘recharge’.
    Here is how to do it: 
    First, choose the right crystal for you and cleanse it under running water. You can use more than one, but I would not use more than 3-4 crystals.  Make sure if you mix crystals that they are complimentary.! There is no point in adding stones that energize together with stones that have a calming effect. Such a mixture is not helpful. 
    Then add the stone(s) to either still mineral or filtered tap water. A crystal the size of a medium-sized coin will energize one glass of water. It makes sense to use a larger container and add more stones. Once they are in the water, cover the container with a lid or cloth, and leave them to stand for about 24 hours. Then drink this water during the next 24-48 hours. I know people who drink stone water pretty much every day, varying the crystals as they need them.   Here is some more information 
  1. Laying crystals on the naked skin. Choose the right crystals and move crystals over your chakras. This needs a bit more knowledge and is best left to do for a practitioner who is knowledgeable about the energy lines of your body. Sometimes you can feel a small sensation when the stones lie on your skin, at other times there is no reaction at all. Often the practitioner has to unblock or align your energy lines (chakras or meridians) before the treatment can be started.

Now we have covered the basics. In the next post, we will cover how individual crystals connect to your chakras and how you can use them for your benefit.

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