The benefits of blue crystals

The benefits of blue crystals

Today we look into blue crystals that are connected to the throat chakra.

This chakra radiates idealism, authority, travel, business, and prosperity. Blue is a colour of trust, convention, and peace. It probably is the most conservative, steady chakra of all and extends to family, marriage, partnership, and property.

The physical aspects of this chakra deal with the thyroid gland, inflammations,  high fevers, childhood rashes, high blood pressure, eyesight, and all problems connected to communication. It is the stone for public speakers, shy introverts, and people with speech impediments alike.

These are the 7 Charkas - the map is courtesy of the Global Affiliate network When the throat chakra is in balance it promotes a strong expression of creativity, clear leadership qualities, professionalism, a sense of justice, and integrity. These are people society can rely upon.  Although dependable and loyal, they need a lot of space to spread their wings, travel and come up with extraordinary and unique ideas.

However, when the throat chakra is not in balance difficulties with communication can surface.  These could be of a physical nature such as stammering or loss of voice.  On the other hand, this imbalance could manifest itself by a muddled way to express themselves and a lack of clear instructions to others. It is all a muddle and when things are not going as planned, these people easily flare up in outbursts of anger and inappropriate language. Just because they feel frustrated and misunderstood. Just like a toddle having a tantrum as he/she is unable to communicate to the parents what he/she wants.

Another sign of an unbalanced throat chakra is when people feel the constant urge to criticize, belittle, verbally abuse others with inappropriate or sarcastic remarks. What is sad that these people often think that they are the witty ones and everyone else is wrong. It is a very conservative mindset and similar to the compromised sacral chakra,  these people are not even willing to compromise or at least listen to someone else’s point of view.

They see themselves as ‘true followers of tradition’ when actually they suffer from a ‘severe lack of empathy and worldliness’. So most of them continue living a life with a very limited and narrow view of the world, happy with the status quo and unable or unwilling to expanding their mindset.

Here are the crystals associated with this chakra:

The Aquamarine: Its Latin name means ‘the water of the sea’. It was often given as a talisman to sailors and traders who crossed the oceans onto far-flung corners of the world in the hope they would return home safely.
In business, this is a stone of wisdom, compromise, and fairness, all things which make good business sense for both parties.

The aquamarine should be worn by everybody who suffers from lung and throat infections, teeth and gum problems and anything to do with breathing problems. It can help with toddler tantrums, panic attacks, and teenage angst. People left their aquamarine amulets on window sills during the night of a full moon, so the stone could absorb the lunar energy and help to protect them. 

The Blue Lace Agate:  This stone was particularly in heavy use in pre-Christian Scandinavian countries and dedicated to the earth mother. Worn around the neck it was seen to improve communicative abilities, help people who struggle with expressing their emotions and feeling. This stone can be helpful to those talking about traumatic experiences and overcoming a post-traumatic stress disorder. 

It would be a helpful stone for all soldiers, police offers, and anybody dealing with law enforcement and violence. Another use it to keep on your desk or in your pocket when doing stressful business deals and public speaking. 

Blue Quartz: strengthens the immune system, helps with all kinds of thyroid problems and is helpful for sunburns and heat strokes. It is also a stone that helps those who are verbally abused and bullied, giving strength during the process of reconciliation. It is a ‘must’ have for any public speakers, voice-over artists and singers.

Angelite: As the name suggests was seen as a stone of protection, like a guardian angel. It can vary in colour, from pale blue to almost lilac. Like the blue quartz, it is a stone that helps boost confidence and is good for public speakers or singers with stage fright. The Angelite is helpful for people who are disabled due to an accident or illness to help them find their way back to the workplace and society as a whole. It gives strength and helps with overcoming trauma.

Turquoise: this is the most commonly known stone in this section. Many artists like musicians wear it as it symbolizes good luck in all creative fields, fame and money. It is the stone of wisdom and communication and should be worn by anybody that deals with communication, such as writers, bloggers, politicians, and motivational speakers.

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