the soil revolution part 3

 Instituto Terra in Brazil

    Part 1 looked into:   Where are we now?  (please read it here)

From now onwards we look into solutions and people who have actively played part in this.
Part 2  will introduce you to Instituto Terra, an organization that specializes in reforestation, particularly in the Brazilian rainforest. 

In Part 3 we travel to New Zealand to follow dreamers and fools 

In 1987 Hugh Wilson bought some land and returned it back to a native forest. At first, people were skeptical and called him a fool, but now Hugh oversees over 1500 hectares of a beautiful nature reserve with plenty of wildlife and over 40 waterfalls – and is having the last laugh.
It is also interesting to see his take on modern life, technology and happiness. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but you can only respect and admire the man. 

Here is a documentary about his work 


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