Numerology Numerology is an ancient form of depherering your life through numbers. It was first practised by the mathematician Pythagoras. Today he and his Math methods are still mentioned in every Math class. Born in 608 B.C. Pythagoras was a free thinker who founded his own university at Crotona, then a Greek colony situated in Southern Italy.  He gathered many students around him whom he not only taught mathematics, but also inspired them in all aspects of personal independence and the meaning of life and love.

One of the subjects he taught was ‘ the Science of numbers’. It sought to answer life’s unsolved mystery and is the backbone of today’s Numerology movement. Numbers were seen as individual vibrations, who could be interpreted and used for life guidance.

Number 1 – the key to self expression and communication

Number 2 – the ‘feeling number’, representing the pair, sensitivity and intuition

Number 3 – belongs to the triangle and symbolises the mind and thinking

Number 4 – is the square, stability, practicality, order and convention

Number 5 – is the centre of the soul, representing love and freedom of expression

Number 6 – can either represent creativity, but also stress and worry

Number 7 – the number of philosophy, learning and sacrifice

Number 8 – the number of wisdom, leadership and independence

Number 9 – ambition, responsibility and idealism

How to find your current ‘year number’?

Here is a small example how to use Numerology for your own insights. Pythagoras taught that we live in ‘ 9 year cycles’. Once one cycle is completed, the next one starts up. So to make sense of your life you need your date of birth, for example 13th September 1970. Then add up the number of your birth date and month.

1+3+9= 13 = 4  this is you prime number which you then add to the current year

2016 (9)  9+4=13=4  You would be currently in a year 4.

Here is what the individual year numbers mean:

Year 1 – The year of adjustments. A powerful year of personal growth and change, breaking old habits and self-improvement

Year 2 – A year of rest, sharing and self-development, a good year for partnerships and working together.

Year 3 – A year to expand the mind. Stimulate the intellect, thirst for knowledge, a year of study and new skills.

Year 4 – A year of security, regeneration and consolidation. Enjoy the status quo and don’t change too much.

Year 5 – A year of freedom and personal expression. Hobbies could become new careers, look further afield than your current situation.

Year 6 – A year of creativity. It is the a peak of creativity in home and work life. It is also the year of relationships.

Year 7 – Could potentially be a troubled year. It is important to learn from personal experiences and even failures. It is best to stabilise what you have achieved so far rather than to expand.

Year 8 – Year of independence and wisdom. It is a year of opportunity and financial gain. Enjoy life to the full

Year 9 – the cycle comes to an end. What you have sown during this cycle will come to fruition, good or bad. Enjoy this year, travel, broaden your horizon and get ready for another cycle.