The Waxing Moon


 The moon is rotating around the earth and is illuminated by the sun. The more it waxes (grows) the more of a crescent we see a Waxing Moon.  This process takes around 14 days.

This is the time for absorbing, learning, gather inspiration, brainstorming, and starting/visualizing new projects.

As the moon grows, so do we. People seem hungrier and gain weight easier. It is a great time for those who find it hard to put weight on (say after an operation) or who suffer from an eating disorder.


If you struggle with too much weight, it is crucial that you watch this time. Don’t lose weight, rather stabilize your weight and aim not to gain.

LOOKING GOOD:  the time for any procedures that nourish and heal the skin

FEELING FANTASTIC: the time for self-development, extra creativity and travel

HAPPY HOUSE: the time for extra baking, decorating, planting and repotting

FINANCE/VOCATION: the time for new ideas, brainstorming and starting a new job

FEELING LOVE: the time for reconnecting with old friends, charity work and pep talks