MAY  2020  

Key dates for your diary 

Waxing Moon: 1st to 6th & 23rd to 31st May
Waning Moon: 8th to 21st May

Full Moon: 7th May
New Moon: 22nd May


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May 2020


   The month of May is dominated by the elemental energy Fire

The topic of this month is Exercise and Well-being

The element Fire is associated with creation, energy, passion, and being active. Under normal circumstances, this would be a great time for product launches, parties, and weddings. But this year is slightly different. April was all about being introspective and making sense of where you stand in life. May is full of energy and progression.

Is there a project you want to start? Ideally something creative.  It could be redecorating a part of your home, start a new hobby/online course and it is most definitely a month to look after your body.

Home-made face masks, body brushing, and stepping up/starting an exercise program should be all part of your monthly program. I recently got back in the habit of running.  This time last year I was lucky to huff and puff my way through 2 miles. But now I am running an 8K (5miles) on a regular basis and enjoying it.

If you think about starting from zero exercises to running a regular 8k then my top tip is to get a Fitbit or device that can monitor your heart rate.  I honestly can say that this was my secret to success.  Start very gently and check your heart rate regularly.  Never go over 160, even if that means walking for a bit until your heart rate has down again to 120/130.  If you keep this under control, you will eventually get better and better. Soon you will run the first few miles and enjoy the experience. Once you made it to 5k (3 miles) you are on your way!


   WAXING MOON – 1st to 6th & 23rd to 31st May

   Have a look into your finances If you have not completed,  do it this month. Please read the post 7 tips for staying at home for more information

 Nourishing skincare:  Pamper your skin with extra moisture and nourishment, like for example a good face mask.

   Keep repotting houseplants

   FULL MOON – 7th May

 Rethink your wardrobe and styling Now is a good time to reinvent your looks, makeup bag, and wardrobe. Research some looks that you like and use the 2 weeks of the Waning Moon is get rid of clothes and old make up that is not fitting this brief.

  Start a weight loss program today  Over the next 2 weeks eliminate as much sugar, flour alcohol as possible. Members – please have a look at the detox planner I sent out in March and see if you can follow the intermittent fasting pages for the next 2 weeks, finishing off with a Liquid Fast Day at New Moon.

  WANING MOON – 8th to 21st May

Pamper yourself ! Start a body brushing regime. It will help with circulation and the elimination of dead skin cells. I love Weleda Birch scrub and Birch Body oil. It smells lovely and birch stimulates your blood circulation and helps with cellulite.

  Body brushing – all through the Waning Moon – please read The Benefits of Bodybrushing for more information. 

     Dusting and Tidying house and garden  With so much more time on our hands, it is a perfect period to declutter your home and sort out your shed, garage, or loft. I bet there is still some more to declutter.

  Get in shape and start/upgrade your training/running program – especially usefully together with a detox/weight loss program.

  Weeding  Is always done during the Waning Moon  (preferably Earth Days). A good weeding session now should see you through to autumn.

NEW MOON  –  22nd May 

The best time to detox and plan ahead and carry out renewal pruning on trees and shrubs.

   Goal List Fill in your monthly goal planner.

  Liquid Fast Day Choose a day close to the New Moon and stay on liquid foods only (soups, teas, light stews).

Additionally symbols and best dates

   The best hair cutting days this month are 1st to 4th and 28th to 31st May

  Best dates for hair removal 11 & 12th May

   Hair colour and highlights 5&6, 13th-15th and 23&24th May

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