APRIL  2020 

Key dates for your diary 

Waxing Moon: 1st to 7th & 24th to 30th April
Waning Moon: 9th to 22nd April

Full Moon: 8th April
New Moon: 23rd April




April 2020

Events for April






     The month of April is dominated by the elemental energy Water
The topic of this month is Biodynamic Gardening 

The element Water is associated with emotional depth, intuition, healing and growing. It is also a time of perception and kindness (yourself and others).
In this troubled time, this is indeed a very helpful energy. It is now important to take good care of yourself, physically and mentally.

Gardening will help you to do both. Digging, planting, weeding will get you outdoors and keep you active. Designing your garden and watching it grow, will keep you happy. You don’t’ need to have a great deal of equipment either, some basic tools will do if you are a beginner. So it is a  very inexpensive hobby and perfect for staying at home in quarantine.

Normally gardening can be social, too. At the moment sadly only with the people, you live with – please respect the social distancing rules at all times !!). So no get-together in the allotment and garden clubs, but hopefully these times will come back soon enough.

   WAXING MOON (1st to 7th & 24th to 30th April)

   Have a look into your finances This is especially important at the beginning of April before the tax year ends.

 Nourishing skincare:  Central heating dries the skin out. So it is especially important to pamper your skin with extra moisture and nourishment, like for example a good face mask.

  Seed a lawn or lay down turf. April is a great time to do this. 3rh to 6th are the best dates.

   Repotting houseplants, plant or move trees or shrubs

 Look after your lawn like mowing the lawn and bring out fertilizers

   FULL MOON (8th April)

  Be creative and design/rethink your garden layout, garden furniture and
create a cozy atmosphere

  Treat others. Especially in these troubled times reach out to others. If somebody is lonely – call them or send them a little present/flowers online. If you find yourself in a lucky position, think about those less fortunate and give something to charity. We are all in this together!

  WANING MOON (9th to 22nd April)

This is a very productive time in the garden. Turning soil, starting a compost heap, tidying up the garden or getting a fence, pergola or garden path done.

  Body brushing- start at your feet and brush up towards your heart. Apply a body peeling. Keep it up during the Waning Moon.

     Dusting and Tidying house and garden  With so much more time on our hands, it is a perfect period to declutter your home and sort out your shed, garage or loft.

 Try to mend relationships. It is common that divorce rates rocket straight after Christmas or other holidays.  Experts have warned that longterm enforced quarantines may produce a tsunami of divorce and domestic violence. Ideally, try to keep a  good communication going, so it does not get that far. 

  Start a compost heap. The best time is the weekend 18/19/20th April.

  Get in shape and start/upgrade your training/running program – especially usefully together with a detox/weight loss program

  Weeding  Is always done during the Waning Moon  (preferably Earth Days).
Best dates:

NEW MOON (23rd April)  

The best time to detox and plan ahead and carry out renewal pruning on trees and shrubs.

   Goal List Fill in your monthly goal planner.

  Liquid Fast Day Choose a day close to the New Moon and stay on liquid foods only (soups, teas, light stews).

  Renewal Pruning  Hard prune trees and bushes that have lost their shape, stopped flowering and look a bit lackluster – it will give them a new lease of life.

Additionally symbols and best dates: 

   The best hair cutting days this month are 3rd to 6th April

  Best dates for hair removal 14&15 April

   Hair colour and highlights. 7th, 8th, 16th, 17th, 26th &27th April.


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