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August 2020

Events for August


Events for August


Events for August


Events for August


Events for August


Events for August


Events for August


Events for August


Events for August


Events for August


Events for August



Key dates for your diary 

Waxing Moon: 1st, 2nd & 20th to 31st August
Waning Moon: 4th to 18th August

Full Moon: 4th August
New Moon: 19th August


For all those who want to learn more  DOWNLOAD NOW  our free introduction e-book
and personal LWTM life goal planner



element earth The month of August is dominated by the elemental energy Earth

Element Earth is hardworking, seeking stability, diligence and is the most practical day quality. August if of course THE holiday month so seems a rather counter-intuitive energy. But I would say it is a great time for a staycation. Build in some precious me-time where you meditate, lie in the garden, read a book in bed and bring your life in order. This could be finalizing a small decorating/building job or finally finish that project/painting/needlework/book/going through all the shoe cupboards, etc and bring it to a fruitful conclusion. Order of house and mind – that’s the mantra of this month.

It is also a great month to sort out anything to do with finance. I know just the thought of looking through your bank statements makes most peoples’ toenails curl up. But don’t hide – put on some great music, have a glass of wine and organize those receipts!!). You will feel much better afterwards. This month is all about sense of achievement and bringing something to a successful close rhater than starting something new.

I have always been fascinated about the topic of time. Free for all and yet so precious. To hear more thoughts, ideas, etc please follow me on Instagram@livingwiththemoon or Facebook page Living With The Moon for more information.

I will try to incorporate a bit of me-time this month, so may not be on social media every day!


Financial pit stop  FINANCIAL PITSTOP  
Ideally, you should put a monthly ‘financial date with yourself’ into your diary. We all need to do this, so let’s make it as enjoyable as you can (see above). Get those receipts sorted and make sure your tax money is still where it should be, etc.
Once you have created a great money system, it is easy to maintain and you always have an overview where you stand.

nourishing beauty treatment NOURISHING SKINCARE   

Use particularly the time of the Waxing Moon to pamper yourself with hair, face and body masks. Take a bath with a bath oil to really nourish your skin or use organic coconut butter/oil to nourish your body and hair.

meditation and affirmation MEDITATION AND MINDFULNESS  

2020 has been a stressful year for most of us. Either you have been on the frontline, working extra shifts. Or your business was partly wiped out and you worry how to pay the bills. 15 minutes a day of pure relaxation will help. There are so many apps to choose from. Find one that is right for you or if meditation is not ‘your cup of tea’, listen to an uplifting/engaging/positive podcast.

The time of the Waning Moon is preferred, but most important is to get on with up. Laying a new garden path, install shelves in the shed, painting a room or furniture. Any DIY project that you have in mind?


  Waxing Moon: 1st, 2nd & 20th to 31st August

   Keep repotting houseplants

    Start a creative hobby/enterprise/online class Now is a great time to get learning and sharing

Financial pit stop   Financially money pitstop. This is more connected to the element Earth than the moon phase but it is really essential that you commit to at least one date per month. This symbol should act as a little reminder

   Full Moon: 3rd August

 Rethink your wardrobe and styling Now is a good time to reinvent your looks, makeup bag, and wardrobe. Research some looks that you like and use the 2 weeks of the Waning Moon is get rid of clothes and old make up that is not fitting this brief.

  Start a weight loss program today  Over the next 2 weeks eliminate as much sugar, flour alcohol as possible. Members – please have a look at the detox planner I sent out in March and see if you can follow the intermittent fasting pages for the next 2 weeks, finishing off with a Liquid Fast Day at New Moon.

 Waning Moon: 4th to 18th August

  Body brushing – all through the Waning Moon.  Start a body brushing regime. It will help with circulation and the elimination of dead skin cells. I love Weleda Birch scrub and Birch Body oil. It smells lovely and birch stimulates your blood circulation and helps with cellulite. please read The Benefits of Bodybrushing for more information. 

     Dusting and Tidying house and garden  With so much more time on our hands, it is a perfect period to declutter your home and sort out your shed, garage, or loft. I bet there is still some more to declutter.

  Meditation and finding inner balance. This of course should be done on a regular if not daily basis. But this symbol should remind you to hone your routine and to remind you to get back on track.

  Weeding  Is always done during the Waning Moon  (preferably Earth Days). A good weeding session now should see you through to autumn.

New Moon: 19th August

The best time to detox and plan ahead and carry out renewal pruning on trees and shrubs.

   Goal List Fill in your monthly goal planner.

  Liquid Fast Day Choose a day close to the New Moon and stay on liquid foods only (soups, teas, light stews).

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