Key dates for your diary

Waxing Moon: 1st to 6th & 22nd to 31st March
Full Moon: 7th March
Waning Moon: 8th to 20th March
New Moon: 21st March

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 This month is dominated by the element FIRE

This year March is dominated by the element Fire, which stands for energy, innovation, and enterprise. It is also the month when winter morphs into spring. The New Moon falls this year on the Spring Equinox (when day and night are equal in length). In Ancient Rome, the 1st March marked the first day of the New Year and the beginning of the marching season for its vast military. The word March itself is derived from Mars, the God of War. Let’s hope that in our times’ peace can be found and the current marching seasons come to an end. 

In early March turn the soil and start sowing the early vegetable seeds. Use this March Waning Moon for some fasting or at least liquid fast days. I will add the manual again to the upcoming newsletter. Have a good March. 

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If you compare the seasonal cycle with the moon cycle you can see the similarities.
New Moon – Winter (beginning and end, a time for reflection and reset)
Waxing Moon – Spring  (new energy, discoveries, plans, new routines)
Full Moon – Summer (enjoy, celebrate, present)
Waning Moon – Autumn (put plans into action, consolidate, reap the reward)

The yearly circle is the aspect we are all familiar with, the lunar component less so. But together they work much better, a concept that many early cultures embraced. Please read  How the Babylonians and Sumerians created the  Lunisolar Calendar  

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 Here are a few examples of symbols you find on the  LWTM Holistic Lifestyle Calendar

Waxing Moon: The time for creating new projects 

Cleansing Beauty Treatments  Nourishing and Anti-ageing skincare:  Skin sheds roughly in the same time span as the lunar cycle. It is important to have a basic daily routine and add varying procedures. When you see this symbol on the LWTM Lifestyle Calendar, make sure you add a nourishing/anti-aging face masks or serum to your routine. Please check out the article Biodynamic Skincare for more information.

Repotting of house and patio plants:  Potted houseplants outgrow their pots on a regular basis and need repotting.  Whenever you see this symbol is a great day for this activity.  Ideally use  soil for your new pot from your compost heap. Only choose a plant pot that is one or maximum two sizes  up on the current container. Gradually you can grow this plant into different pot sizes, reusing the outgrown pots for other smaller plants.

Full Moon: connect with others and party. In busines it is time to represent, hold talks or launch a product. 

social events and weddings

Celebrations & Wedding:  Historically this time always connected to social events and celebrations. Most likely because the Full Moon provided the much needed light during the noctornal sky. Before reliable calendars were used, it was easy to recognise when to meet up.  We tend to be more active and restless during this time, so might as well celebrate the night away.


Waning Moon: work hard and turn your dreams into reality. 

productivity checklist

The treaded To-do List: We all have them, but it if it is tacked on a regular basis, it is much to keep on top of your life.  This symbol is a quick reminder to take your list out and clear it. You can find a print-out version in the Freebies section.

Liquid Fast DayDetox and Cleanse your body and mind: Once in a while our body and mind needs a good clear out and reset. The later stages of the Waning Moon are ideal to leave the outside world behind and rest. This is the time to clean up your digestion and schedule a  Liquid Fast Day. These days are vital to clear up your digestion and help to keep your body and mind healthy.


New Moon: Similar to the later stages of the Waning Moon a time to declutter, detox and restart the cycle by filling in your LWTM LifeGoalPlanner. 

holistic life goal planner

Lifegoal Planning: You can’t start a journey without a destination. Spend some time to get crystal clear what you are here for and what you want to do with your precious life. Fill in the pages of the LWTM Holistic Lifegoal Planner and follow through. Over time these simple steps can make a huge difference.  You can find the LWTM Goal Planner as part of your Freebies package.

There are of course many more symbols available. Look up the  LWTM Holistic Lifestyle Calendar, click on the symbol  descriptons for more infortmation and start living in a new, holistic way!



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