Key dates for your diary 

Waxing Moon: 1st to 8th & 24th to 29th February
Waning Moon: 10th to 22nd February

Full Moon: 9th February
New Moon: 23rd February


February 2020

Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February


Events for February



   The month of February is dominated by the elemental energy Fire   

January was a soft introduction into this new decade. Now in February, the action starts in earnest. Fire energy is rising and it is a time of focus, action and achievement. This year is a leap year, giving you an extra day of this whirlwind month. Use it wisely and bring projects closer to fruition, start something new or breathe new lift in stagnant situations.

   WAXING MOON (1st to 8th & 24th to 29th February)

Use this month for inspiring thoughts and planning if you have not a lot going on. Which area in your life do you want to breathe more life in? Set the process in motion.

Brainstorming Days can help you achieve new ideas.

  Update the way you look  Use this energy-laden month to update the way you look and treat yourself to a new stylish outfit/make up product.

  Treat others and give to charity. You might even start to volunteer.

   FULL MOON (9th February) 

It is time for love and romance. The best time is the Full Moon weekend or 15th to 18th to plan something special.

        The weekend of 8/9th is a great time to be with the one you love and do something very special. If you can’t make the time, make sure you catch up on the following weekend or during the week.  The time of the 15th to 18th is all a great time for surprises.  Book a surprise dinner, theater performance or even a spontaneous walk in the country. It just has to be special and tailored to the person you want to cherish.

  WANING MOON (10th to 22nd February)

If you have already a lot going on – aim to focus all your intentions and energy to get things finished in a constructive way, so you come out with great results.

     The garden lies now dormant (certainly if you live in the Northern Hemisphere). But use this time to declutter your home, shed, and life.

  Once the weather is showing a bit of improvement, you can prune back roses so they can start to develop new buds. The Waning Moon is the best time for any kind of pruning.

  Get in shape and start/upgrade your training/running program.

NEW MOON (23rd February) 

   Finalize your annual goal list, if you have not done so.

  Declutter your home and garage/shed/loft or other storage places

Additionally symbols and best dates: 

   The best hair cutting days this month are 8th to 11th February

   Prune roses 12-13th February

  Best dates for hair removal 19/20 February.

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