New Moon


New Moon is Day 1 and Day 28/29 in the moon cycle. It is the time when one moon cycle comes to an end and another one is starting up. We see only darkness as the moon lies between the sun and the earth and no light can be reflected back to earth.
In practical terms, the New Moon is the best time to look after yourself, reflect, and plan ahead. This is your very own pitstop of life. The time to step out of the race and make sure you are still on the right path ahead.

When you sign up for our newsletter the LWTM Holistic Lifegoal Planner is included in the freebies package. The first time it does take a little time to set it up. But after this has been done, all you need is an hour or so on a  quiet weekend or a day around New Moon to update it.  To remind you, we have even created a symbol for this task.

Disconnect everything for this task and really immerse yourself into the world of ‘life goal planning’. It is not selfish or vain, it is really important.  Take your current planner and tick off all the tasks you have achieved in the current moon cycle. Reward yourself and celebrate! This is important as it creates a subconscious desire to do more of the same.  Everything that has not been accomplished goes back on the list until it is finally done.

LOOKING GOOD:  All cleansing, diminishing procedures are great. From body peeling to waxing your bikini line. It is a new start, maybe your make up bag or clothes drawer needs a cleanout and overhaul.

FEELING FANTASTIC: Today is a great time for a Liquid Fast Day. Give your digestion a day of rest. Just simple soups, smoothies, herbal teas. If you feel you need food, have a salad or plain rice cracker, something very quick to do and easy and healthy to digest.  Remember – It is only one day and over time you will get used to these Liquid Fast Days and it does get easier and easier with each New Moon. Get busy with lifestyle planning and time will fly. Make a big jug of herb tea and sip it through the morning and another after your soup at lunch. Do this the same quiet day as your goal planning, both go well hand in hand.

HAPPY HOUSE: Great time for weeding, pruning, decluttering. Nothing too strenuous if you are on a detox, just gently clear your space of unwanted clutter and air your home. It is time to let some new fresh energy in.

FINANCE/VOCATION: Many people who are good with money have one big secret – they have ‘money dates’. Where they check their investment and plan ahead. Try to pick a day around the New Moon – then you have an automatic money date and some goals can go onto your goal planner for the Month Ahead.

FEELING LOVE: Of all the times during the moon cycle, the New Moon is a total Me-Day! It is a day to love just one person – YOU! This is not selfish, but you need to look after yourself in order to be strong, balanced and fun to be around. Let people know well in advance that you are having your own personal day off to sort your head out – you don’t need to elaborate. And then really use this time wisely. In a few months, you will see that it does make a difference! Your finances will be organized and you can follow a clear path ahead. It is a wonderful feeling to be in control of your life!



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