Full Moon


 Today is a Full Moon. The moon is now 14 days old and comes to lie opposite the sun. Therefore the whole moon is illuminated and we see a Full Moon. 

The Full Moon is a great time to show off expertise, party, getting married, or launch a product/service.

When it comes to weight it is the easiest time to put weight on.  But then again it is just a few days and you may as well enjoy yourself. Traditionally diet regimes started on the day of the Full Moon.

LOOKING GOOD:  a great time for spa treatments, hair cuts for limp hair, make-overs and to start a diet program

FEELING FANTASTIC: If you are a painter/writer, the Full Moon is a great time to show off your work like a first view or book reading. Travel and creative breaks also score highly.

HAPPY HOUSE: great time for anything to do with herbs, baking, decorating, and entertaining.

FINANCE/VOCATION: If you launch a new product or presentation aim for the Full Moon. A new job or anything idea related also does well.

FEELING LOVE: How many poems and songs connect the Full Moon to love. It is still a great time to do something special for your partner. But it is also a great time for parties, weddings and any kind of social event.