The Moon Holistic Lifestyle

What does it mean to Live with the Moon?

The ancient Babylonians and Greeks had a secret to their success: they all lived with an awareness with the lunar cycles.

When you look at your watch or get your diary out, you are using tools whose origin are directly inspired by the movement of the moon.  Month, measure, minute – all these words originate from the Greek word for moon (mene). But the moon cycle is not purely a tool for measuring time.

The Everyday Quality

As the moon rotates around the earth,  this unique ‘day quality’ changes.  Knowing not only ‘what to do’ but also ‘when to do it’ can make many activities much more effective. such as:

  • losing weight
  • gardening tasks
  • beauty treatments
  • business dealings and life-style decisions


Our unique holistic lifestyle system will provide you with many ideas, tips, and recipes. It will help you to re-balance your life to achieve health, success, and happiness.

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    The History

    People throughout History

    Many historical figures, among them Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Rudolf Steiner, Benjamin Franklin and countless others, all believed that daily undertakings in harmony with the lunar cycle can give them an edge over others. 

    My Grandmother’s Moon Diary

    I was introduced to this concept by my grandmother and to this day I follow her diaries and calculations to work out the best dates for many activities.
    She gathered a lot of local information, like organic planting tips, how to use herbs, diet tips, and beauty recipes which she could make herself. Over time she improved and slim-lined this information. I intend to carry on her legacy and make sure this valuable knowledge is not lost but will flourish in years to come.

    To update the way her diaries are accessed, I created this website and color-coordinated lifestyle planner The Month Ahead.  Access it here.

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