orange, lemon and limeYou skin renews on average every 3 to 4 weeks and old skin cells can clog up your pores. In order to keep you skin looking clean and healthy and to encourage a good circulation, it is advisable to apply a body peeling on a regular basis. Here is a quick and easy body scrub recipe that will leave your skin looking smooth and healthy. You can make it yourself, using your citrus fruit peels.

The best time to apply this body scrub is during the Waning Moon or whenever you see the Blue Face symbol on the LWTM lifestyle planner.  Here is an article that describes how often the body actually renews itself. To read it click here.

How to prepare the body scrub:

Next time you peel some oranges, lemons and limes keep the peel and dry them on a baking sheet away from direct sunlight. It will take a few days until the peel is thoroughly dry and becomes brittle. When that has happened, put all the various peels into a food processor and blend them together into a rough powder which you can keep in a dry glass jar for future use.

The next time you want to use a body scrub, take two table spoons of this powder and mix it together with the same amount of porridge oats or wheat bran. Then add one teaspoon of honey and some warm milk to make a thick paste.

Before you take a bath or shower, brush your body with a loafer or body brush to stimulate your circulation. Then apply your scrub mixture to face and body. Leave the paste on until it has virtually dried up or becomes uncomfortable.

When you think the mixture is dry enough to come off, sit on the edge of the bath  or stand in the shower and wet this dried mixture with just a little bit of water. Then rub it off with a cloth using circular movements. Once most of the mixture is cleaned off, slip inside the bath and wash the rest of the mixture off.

When you come out of your bath you will have wonderfully soft and clean skin!


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