Detox and Liquid Fast Day

Today is a great day to give your digestion a well-deserved rest.  This symbol shows what we call ‘Liquid Fast Day’. As the word says it, all you eat is in liquid form. This could be teas, soups, smoothies. Drink at least 1.5 liters of still mineral water, to flush out your toxins and add 4-5 cups of your favorite herbal tea. This will flush through your digestive tract.

The first few times you do this regime, you will probably struggle,  but over time it becomes easier and easier. So keep it up!

When shall I do this?
At New Moon (one day per month) or build in a routine of one day per week or fortnight. Choose a day that is less busy. The New Moon days are great, you take a day for yourself to do your goal planner, detox your body and sort out your life.

If Liquid Fast Days are too hard to follow, try some intermittent fasting days. These are days where you have an 8-hour feeding window and a 16hour fasting window. Get a good book on how to follow it.

During the Waning Moon, we recommend 4-5 Detox weekends per year or 2 proper fasting weeks, ideally one in spring and one in the late summer/autumn.

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Jun 18 2020

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: May 23 2020 - Jun 18 2020