The Waxing Moon

Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is rotating around the earth and is illuminated by the sun. The more it waxes (grows) the more of a crescent we see a Waxing Moon.  This whole process takes around 14 days.
The First Quarter is also called the Waxing Cresent Moon – this describes the time between the New Moon and the Waxing Half Moon.

This quarter is similar to the energy of spring. It is all about a new start, full of energy,  learning, and inspiration. The ideal time to start something new or at least plan and visualize your new project. It is a great time for a group brainstorming session or make plans for the future.

Have a look at your current make-up/wardrobe and update a few items that are too worn or no longer suitable. In the garden, it is a good time to seed plants that grow above the ground, repot houseplants and decorate your home. For all the other activities, look up the calendar symbols or subscribe to our newsletter for more in-depth information.


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