Water and fertilize your plants

As the name suggests Water Days are ideal to water your houseplants and fertilize your garden. Of course, you can’t just water your plants on these days, especially during the later spring and during a hot summer. But sticking to Water and possible Earth Days is a good way not to overwater your plants. However, I remember my grandmother always avoided Element Air Days, saying that is not a good time to water plants as they are more susceptible to pests. So I just try to keep to this practice.

During the winter month, I try to stick to good watering on Water Days and just top up a little on Earth and possible Fire Days. Add a few drops of liquid fertilizer to the water for extra benefit.

Try to use rainwater whenever possible. Water storage systems such as water butts are available now in all sizes and they can even fit on small balconies. Water conservation is still a relatively new topic, but due to global warming will sadly become a much-talked-about subject of the future.

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