Feet and toes

Keeping fit and healthy from head to toe – feet, toes, and balance

Today’s highlighted body region contains the feet, toes, and the sense of balance. Pay extra attention to this region, exercise it, and look after it! Below you find some tips and recipes. You can do these also on other days, but use this symbol as a reminder, and after all, today is the best day to do it.

Balance exercises

The feet ground us, and carry us, but we don’t give them enough attention. Having a strong core, flexibility, and balance are some of the fundamentals of a healthy body. Everybody needs to do these exercises regularly to keep well into old age. Here are some exercises to get started.

Foot reflex massage 

I love giving and receiving them. Your whole body is reflected on the soles of your feet. The big toes represent the head and the heels the bottom. I have a simple chart that I follow, but I only do this for relaxation purposes. Here is a chart for home use. 
A qualified therapist can use a reflexology massage to detect early-stage health problems before it is apparent to you and get you to seek early treatment.


Today is a great time to have a pedicure and keep your toes and toenails in good shape. Usually, our feet carry us everywhere, today we look after them. 

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