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Update the way you look – your make-up products, your styling, and your wardrobe

This symbol prompts you to look at your make-up bag, your wardrobe, and in general the way you look. It should be more of a creative planning process. There are other days to declutter, cut your hair and go for a hair colour. But today is good to see the bigger picture and think about your overall look. Are you still happy with it? There is nothing wrong with having a distinctive style and keeping with it. However, you may need to update your wardrobe or declutter your makeup bag and hair products.  

If you are very unsure and you don’t enjoy the creation of mood boards and looking into the benefit of new skincare, make-up, etc, then it may be a good use of your time to book a one-off session with a makeup artist and/or stylist. It may sound expensive, but once you know what to buy, you will look great without spending a fortune on ‘unsuitable products’ – and by that, I don’t mean the counter salesperson. Go for someone independent – who can more affordable make-up/clothes look great and give you tips based solely on skin type and body shape. Just getting your colour palette right, can mean a big improvement in the way you look and how everything just works together.

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