thighs and bottom

Thighs, Bottom

Today this body region is especially susceptible to exercise and looking after it. Today’s highlighted regions are the bottom and thighs.

Apart from sitting on our bottoms (mostly far too often than is good for us) it is the base of the spine and the epicenter of our core strength. This is also the area where the body stores fat. So a good exercise regime to build up core strength is a must to keep your body well-toned and healthy. Here are some core exercises to get you started. The beginner’s version will do. 

Another cause for concern, predominantly for women, is cellulite. There are tons of creams, treatments and else on the market. In essence, it is firstly hard to completely get rid of cellulite and there is no medical issue as such with it. 
But there are a few methods to either lessen the appearance or to prevent it altogether. But in essence, it depends on hormones, the lack of collagen, lack of blood circulation and age. So what can you do to keep cellulite away? 

1) Body brushing. A good body brushing routine will help you to keep your skin in a good shape, keeps the circulation going and will help toxins, hormones, and fats not to settle (as that is what cellulite is made of ). 
2) Take a good collagen supplement as that will keep your tissue firm. 
3) Drink a lot of water and nettle tea. It will hydrate your body and flush out toxins before they can settle. 
4) Finally exercise. This is probably the most important tip – do lunges and squats. A running routine will pump blood around your body and a well-trained body has a lot less cellulite. 
Once you have cellulite, keep doing these tips so you don’t get more. 

Avoid operations and medical procedures of these areas.


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