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This symbol is all about self-development, manifesting, mindfulness and meditation. Today is a great day to revise your current method of practice and if you are not practicing at all (yet) it may be the encouragement you need to start a simple routine.

Create a routine that fits into your daily life and spend each day a few minutes practicing your routine. This should become part of your daily life.

This is a daily routine, why do I see the symbol today?

The practice is daily. However, putting a suitable program together is not easy and takes time. This symbol should encourage you to take a good look at your practice. What works and what needs to change? This symbol prompts you to look at your practice and to expand it into new ways/topics/methods.

It might be also useful to take a deeper look at how your actions impact the lives of people around you.

Most people prefer to be alone when meditating. So read a good book on this subject or download an app or audiobook. There are many good ones to choose from. If you think you prefer to join a group/class where you can get extra guidance. It does not matter how you achieve deep relaxation. Often simple routines have the best outcomes, as you can do them frequently.

Meditation for Beginners:

For all those new to meditating, try this simple exercise. All you need is 5 minutes of undisturbed rest. It could be on your bus, at your desk between calls, or in the shower.  You can do it once or multiple times a day, especially when you are very stressed!

Step 1 In the first minute just concentrate on 5 objects that you can see. Don’t let your brain engage why this object is here, how it got here, and who it belongs to. Or even did I forget to put this and that on the shopping list? No – just look calmly at 5 objects, people, a plant, your desk, and whatever else you see. Don’t attach any meaning, just notice the shape, and the color and stay focused on these 5 objects

Step 2 The next minute you concentrate on 4 things that you can hear and the same rules apply

Step 3  The next minute you concentrate on 3 things you can touch. It could be your foot in the shoe, the hand on the desk, etc.

Step 4 Now concentrate on 2 things that you can smell. If you can’t smell anything, you may want to start introducing the sense of smell into your world. Place flowers on your desk, at an aromatic candle. You can also imagine a scent you like to smell like that of fresh coffee, roses, or a certain perfume.  But other than that stay in the moment and enjoy the sensation.

Step 5  Eat one bite of something or have a sip of tea and concentrate on the taste. Whilst doing so, breathe extra, extra deeply in and out, and savor the taste.

These are simple exercises and you can do them with your eyes closed or even open if you are in an open space. I call it – mentally pulling the plug- and restart after 5 minutes, feeling more relaxed.

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