romance and love

Romance and love

The moon is often connected to lovers and romance, particularly the time of the Full Moon. Of course, we should not just fall in love when ‘the moon is right’. But most of us live busy lives and romance can easily be crowded out. So this symbol is a reminder to organize something special for the people you care most about. This treatment is not only reserved for the love of your life. You could organize something special for an elderly parent or a child. But this time should be reserved for someone very close and special in your life.

We all think we show others how much we love them, but that is not always the case. No more!! Get your diaries out and plan something super special for the ones you care most about and show them what their love and companionship means to you.

Here is an article that has an interesting take on birth control. It is called Cosmobiological birth control. It is totally natural and has a comparable success rate to the pill. But more often it is used as a tool for conception as you can work out your most fertile days, too.

Conceive with the moon

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