repot house and patio plants

Repotting houseplants and patio/balcony containers

Early spring is the ideal time to spruce up your indoor and outdoor pot plants. Once the new compost is ready, use it to upgrade your pots and replant all potted plants where the roots are touching
the edge of the pot. It is wise to go up by two sizes which saves you from repotting again the following year. This depends of course on how quickly your plants grow. Getting new pots creates a new design statement and is much cheaper than redecorating a room.

Always start with a layer of gravel, then add a few inches of compost earth, making sure there is space around the plant. Then sit the rootball into the earth and fill the gaps around the plant with compost earth. Finally press the earth down to give the plant a firm base. That’s it.

If your plant still has room to grow, you may want to remove a little bit of soil and add fresh compost instead.

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