Meditation, mindfullness, happiness

Today’s subject  – meditating, happiness and mindfulness – should be part of your life on a daily basis.  But today is a reminder to take a deeper look at how your actions impact your life and the people around you.  

Discover a  new method of meditation, revise the way you currently practice and if you are not practicing at all (yet) it may be the encouragement you need to start a simple routine.

Most people prefer to be alone when mediating. So read a good book on this subject or download an app or audiobook. There are many good ones to choose from.

If you think you prefer to join a group/class where you can get extra guidance, then do this. It does not matter how you achieve your goal.

Setting actions around being more aware of how your actions impact your life that that of people around you you will be the first step to a harmonious, happy life. Don’t expect a sudden change, but be prepared that this subtle shift in awareness – and of course acting upon it – will over time have a big impact on your life and the lives of people around you.

Here is an article called “The Importance of Resting” 

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