holistic life goal planner

LWTM holistic lifestyle planner

LWTM holistic lifestyle planner

holistic life goal planneris an integral part of the Living With The Moon Website. You can download a free taster version from the FREEBIES section. Every New Moon we encourage you to think about your month ahead and plan your life and time accordingly. Planning your life is not just filling up your diary with dates like going to a concert, paying your tax bill, or inviting your neighbors for dinner.  Although all of these things are important, too there is more to ‘planning your life’. LWTM holistic lifestyle planner actively encourages you to think about your life in an overarching way. What is your passion? What makes you come alive? Which direction is the right one for you? What changes can you make right now to align yourself with your core values and passions? But remember there won’t be any change if your thoughts are not paired with real, worthwhile actions. Here is a quick guide:

Plan your life at New Moon Use the time of the Waxing Moon(about 2 weeks) for all activities that involve planning, setting up new routines, and anything creative, artistic. At Full Moon reap the benefits and celebrate. Say you have decorated your living room, now get friends round and enjoy your new creation with them. During the Waning Moon (about 2 weeks) it is all about achieving or implementing what you have created. Don’t just pile on idea after idea. Take these two weeks to make sure to find a way to actually realize what you were dreaming about. Only ideas followed by actions will bring real change. You have come full circle- back at New Moon. It is time again to evaluate what you have achieved over the last 4 weeks. Tick off what you have finished – well done. What is not quite there yet, goes on the list for the month ahead. Running a thousand miles is a daunting task, but running just one mile a thousand times sounds far more achievable.  Yet the outcome is the same. Consistent, long-term action is the way forward! Here is an article about finding your core values  

Remember – this is not a race nor a competition with others. This is all about You, what you really enjoy doing and what you want to do more of. Simple.  Once you know this, put your mind to it and make it happen. Put small achievable steps in place – at your own pace and capability. Evaluate once in a while and be amazed at what you can achieve!
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