Liquid Fast Day

Liquid fast day/detox program

The Waning Crescent Moon or 4th Quarter (the last 7 days leading up to the New Moon) and the New Moon itself is the best time for a detox program.  At LWTM we call this a ‘Liquid Fast Day’. This is a day during this time (ideally a weekend day) when you try to eat as liquid as possible.  Stews, soups, smoothies and freshly squeezed juice.  By the way, they all count as ‘food’ and add to your calorie intake. 

It is also vital to drink a lot of still water and ideally plenty of herbal teas. Nettle, peppermint, fennel, dandelion, and lemon verbena teas all help with elimination and cleansing. 

Black tea or coffee is allowed, but only in moderation and ideally in the morning or early afternoon. Both have zero calories and can help with elimination, especially when you are used to drinking both tea and coffee. But do ditch the milk!

Please stay clear of all other beverages such as fizzy and sugary drinks, and of course anything alcoholic.

For most of you, this will not be easy at first. Be also prepared not to last the whole day – that is normal for beginners.  But over time your body will get used to it and it will become easier and easier and you can gently push forward, lasting a whole day or even 2. 

Every spring I send out the LWTM detox planner. It is a free resource that comes with the monthly newsletter and goes into more details on how to plan a successful spring detox program.   

A Liquid Fast Day is the ‘clean out day’ for your gut. Fasting as a concept has been around for thousands of years and very recently it has made a come-back. Fasting is easy to do (once you get the hang of it) and recent studies have proved that it has a very positive impact on your health, from reduced heart disease, diabetes 2, Alzheimer and even cancer.

Here is an article that explains more about my own research into this subject

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