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Haircuts to invigorate limp and thinning hair

I have been giving out ‘best hair-cutting dates’ for years and when asked how and why it works, I honestly can’t tell you. I just calculate these dates using my grandmother’s charts. But this method – best hair-cutting dates together with the nettle scalp tonic – clearly does the trick. Otherwise, I would not get so many repeat requests for more dates and people keep thanking me for ‘ a new head of hair’!

It is a great way to invigorate limp and thinning hair and a great way of preventing/delaying hair loss.  This applies to men and women alike. The aim is to keep a healthy scalp and full and bouncy head of hair for as long as possible. But I also recommend it even if you have a good head of hair as it ensures it stays that way. 

Next time you need a trim, check out the LWTM calendar before booking your haircutting appointment. I know it sounds weird, but if you keep hair appointments to these dates and add the Scalp Nettle Treatment below after most hair washes, your hair will thank you by looking fuller and healthier. It stimulates the hair roots and naturally invigorates your scalp.

How to use the Scalp Nettle Treatment

  • Make a large cup of strong nettle tea (please use 2 tea bags or 4 tsp of loose, dry leaves and leave to steep for 8-10 minutes). Let the tea cool to a hand-warm temperature – you don’t want to burn your scalp! Always do a temperature check on your hand before applying it to your head, as the scalp is more sensitive to heat.  If you prepared it in advance and it has gone cold, add a bit of hot water to get it to a comfortable temperature.
  •  Wash your hair with your normal shampoo. Try to use a mild, natural shampoo if possible, and don’t 
      wash your hair too often – every 2-3 days should be plenty (unless after sport or dirty work when you need a wash).
  •  After the wash, towel dry your hair (pad dry with a towel rather than scrubbing your hair dry as it messes up your hair cuticles). Then massage the lukewarm tea into your scalp. The movement together with the nettle’s natural ingredients will stimulate the hair follicles. Repeat until you have used up all the tea. I suggest you do this in a shower or bathtub, as tea tends to run down.
  • Finally, comb your hair through with a large-toothed comb. There is no need to wash out the nettle tea. If your hair tangles easily or is very dry, use a conditioner/hair mask before the nettle tea treatment. Always make sure you only use conditioning products on the length of the hair and never on the scalp or hair roots! A leave-in conditioner can be applied at the same time, nettle on the scalp followed by leave-in hair treatment on the hair. Dry and style afterwards as usual. 


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