Cutting hair symbol

Haircuts for fine and limp hair, to encourage growth

Over the years I have given many people recipes for best dates for hair cutting. I honestly don’t know how and why it works. But the fact is, so many people have gotten in touch over the years and confirmed that since they have restricted their hair cuts to the ‘good hair cutting days’ their hair is less limp and lifeless and grows much thicker.

So check the calendar when you book another hair appointment. I know it sounds weird, but if you keep hair appointments always to one of these dates (when you see the hair cut symbol) the hair will get stronger.
Once you have cut the hair, stimulate the hair follikle after every hair wash. Prepare a cup of strong nettle tea (2 tea bags, leave to steep for 8-10 minutes when boiling) and cool to lukewarm. After washing your hair, rinse it with this lukewarm tea and massage into scalp. You don’t need to wash it out. Nettle stimulates the hair roots and invigorates your scalp – in a totally natural way.

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