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Garden design, interior design and decorate your home

Today is all about the creative process of decorating your home and designing your garden layout. Find the right colors, and materials and start the idea’s process. 

It is good to plan and possibly create a mood board. It is not just about new colors, it might be worth it to rethink the layout of a room or find a new way to hang your pictures. Sometimes small changes, like new cushions or change of curtains can have a big impact. 

In the garden, you might want to introduce a new planting scheme. The best time to do this is during the winter when the garden lies dormant. It is a great time to outline your planting scheme and draw a garden design. When I moved into my current home, we were lucky to inherit a garden that was already well-established. The season started in white, predominantly with snowdrops and white lilies. Then a bunch of yellow flowers appeared, narcisses, forsythia, and other spring flowers.  By May the bluebells took over and all my garden beds turned blue.  June and July were dedicated to pink and orange roses and then slowly the garden turned red and purple before the winter came again.

It is important that before you start buying plants on impulse, spend some time to think it all through. You could also create a cozy seating area or a place to hang a hammock. This article should help you. Design your perfect Biodynamic Garden 

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