finding creative solutions and problem solving

Finding creative solutions and problem-solving

During the Waxing Moon, we tried to get inspired and come up with new ideas and concepts, please see the ‘brainstorming symbol’. This is the complimentary symbol during the Waning Moon phase. All these ideas count for nothing if we don’t find a way to realize them. This is a little nudge in this direction.

For example, you want to decorate a room in your home. The time of the Waxing Moon is to create a mood board, choose colours and samples of fabrics, find a decorator, etc.
In the Waning moon phase, it is time to actually do the job.

This principle can be applied to any kind of activity. Work, home, garden projects all follow this principle. First, you need to create/visualize (Waxing phase) and then see your creative ideas om to fruition (Waning phase). This is the basis of every successful undertaking.

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