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Fertility treatment, menstruation and menopause

Today’s topic is all to do with sexual health, conception, the menopause and menstruation. As these topics are highly individual we can not put a date in a general calendar. But it is a good day to read up about these subjects and maybe look into treatment options and try out some recipes/links that we will add in due course. Over time I will add some useful literature and natural recipes here that you can try out for yourself.

More and more couples are affected by infertility. Luckily the treatment options have improved enormously. Looking at my own friends with these issues, I can say one thing that always strikes me – that the stress of not getting pregnant over time makes it more difficult to conceive. Usually when that lifts, either by stopping a treatment or conceiving with treatment, the second time around (where there is not so much pressure) seems to be easier. But of course, this is only a rule of thumb and not always true, especially if there is an underlying medical problem.

If you are looking to upgrade to a natural way of birth control, have problems with menstruation, menopause, and other womanly problems, we aim to add more information here. You can also check out the hips, sexual organ section in Feeling Great.

Here is an article that delves a little deeper into the subject of fertility. Conceive with the moon 


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