element earth

Element Earth

Today is ruled by the element Earth. 

Today is a pragmatic and work-focused day.  Anything tasks that involve money, like looking after your finances, doing your receipts, VAT returns, etc. It is all about bringing order into your life. It is further a time of diligence, stability and persistence.  Be realistic and forward-thinking and invest for the future.

Although these days a very action-packed as you tick off your to-do list, Earthy Days also prompt you to get out and reconnect with nature as today is ideal for planting, weeding, turning the soil – anything to do with preparing the soil for planting, but also for laying paths, putting down foundations for patios, pergolas and fences.

Bizarrely  Earth Days make ideal for a detox day, as you are so busy, that you won’t even notice not eating too much and you rarely have got time for a big meal. Fasting will also give you more energy. If you do eat,  keep to a healthy, predominately vegetarian diet with a lot of herb teas and water. Give your digestions a mini-break, whilst the rest of the body is busy getting stuff done.

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Nov 10 - 11 2020


All Day

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 09 - 11 2020
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